Fall Perennial Flowers - What Fall Flowers Are Perennials

Yellow Fall Perennial Flowers
(Image credit: RuudMorijn)

Unlike annual flowers that bloom in the autumn, establishing fall perennial plants is an easy and dependable way to ensure that ornamental garden beds are bursting with color as the weather begins to cool. In addition to offering curb appeal at a time when plant growth has begun to slow, colorful autumn perennials are a vital asset to wildlife and to pollinators. Learning more about hardy fall perennials can help growers as they begin to plan their own landscape filled with lasting seasonal color. But, what fall flowers are perennials?

Which Fall Flowers are Perennials?

When it comes to filling flower beds with autumn color, perennials are among the most reliable options. While it’s true that the purchase of perennial flowers requires some investment, many attractive varieties can be started from seed at relatively little cost. In time, established perennial plants will reward gardeners with a profusion of color and interest each autumn. 

Both perennial shrubs and smaller plant specimens can offer dramatic visual impact in the landscape. Warm autumn tones are exceptionally popular during this portion of the growing season. Hardy fall perennial options abound in shades of cream, yellow, orange, red, and even brown. While some types of perennials in fall, like chrysanthemums, are always quite common; many growers wish to expand their garden to include native and naturalized species of plants. Sneezeweed, goldenrod, perennial aster, and coreopsis are all examples of late blooming fall plants that are sure to create incredible displays of color. These large swaths of flowers are especially attractive to foraging bees collecting nectar.

Though we often tend to focus on plants which produce flowers, it is important not to overlook the ornamental value of hardy fall perennials with especially vibrant or showy foliage. This includes plants whose leaves change color, as well as various interesting and dynamic types of ornamental grass. This combination of unique foliage and dramatic color change are sure to make a welcome visual effect in the landscape. Other interesting plants to include in flower borders include those which produce unique seed pods, or even types that produce ornamental berries or fruit. 

Tonya Barnett

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