Making Floral Passover Decorations: Best Flowers For Passover Seder Arrangements

Flowers Next To Stack Of Crackers
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Although using flowers for Passover seder is not a traditional requirement or an original aspect of the celebration, since it falls in spring many people like to decorate the table and room with seasonal blooms. Passover is all about a celebration of freedom, so think beautiful, vibrant displays.

Using Passover Flowers

Flowers are not traditionally part of the celebration, but as with Easter, Passover falls in the spring when fresh, new blooms are available and new life is on everyone’s mind. There is no reason not to use flowers for Passover, and there are multiple ways you can use them, including decorating and gifting. Use flowers on the seder dinner table, if you are hosting, or around the room and house to include the freshness and beauty of spring blooms. Or, if you are going to someone else’s home, present the host or hostess with seder flower gifts. Just be sure to offer them as a bouquet or potted plant that looks nice as is, so they can set it out immediately.

Floral Passover Decorations

Decorations are not a requirement for Passover seder according to tradition, but it is a nice idea to spruce up the dining area for spring. When decorating with flowers on Passover, choose whatever appeals to you, but consider these great spring options: Tulips. Tulips are pretty bulbs that come in nearly any color you can imagine and are the essence of spring. They work well as cut flowers and in pots. Hyacinth. The pretty pastels of the hyacinth are great for the springtime celebration of Passover, and they add a lovely fragrance to the room. Lilies. Lilies can be cut or used in pots, and while they come in several colors, it’s hard to beat a pure white lily for spring, like the Easter lily. Violets. While there are no official colors of Passover, many people choose blue and white, and violets add a nice “blue” element to the dinner table. Daffodils. Daffodils are delicate and pretty and make everyone think of spring and new beginnings. Use a mix of colors. Iris. The striking, tall stalks of irises make for a grand and dramatic decorative item, especially with the beautiful blue blooms. Many popular spring flowers are bulbs, so you can create your own Passover seder decorations by forcing tulip, hyacinth, daffodil, and other bulbs leading up to the holiday. Of course, you can always pick them up at the store too and use either cut flowers, potted bulbs, or a combination of both.

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