What Is A Flower Frog - Flower Frog Uses

A Green Flower Frog Tool
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Whether growing a designated cutting patch or simply trimming a few ornamental plants within the landscape, picking and arranging flowers into vases is a fun and easy way to brighten indoor spaces. Blooms can be simply added to vessels like glass jars for a relaxed and more casual display. However, those wishing to advance their flower arranging skills often consider the use of more specialized tools. One tool, called a flower frog, is especially helpful in creating memorable displays. 

What is a Flower Frog?

Flower frog use in arranging flowers is not a new concept, though it has seen resurgence in popularity in recent years. With such an odd name, it’s only natural some may wonder, “What is a flower frog?” Generally, the term refers to a type of plant support which is secured to the bottom of a flower vessel, and is used to keep stems upright while being arranged. Different styles of floral frog can be used with different types of flowers. 

With the use of a flower frog, floral designers are able to achieve different desired aesthetics without the worry of drooping or misplacement. Those wishing to create flower frog arrangements will find that there are several options available. While many older versions of floral frogs were made from glass or pottery, most modern versions are a combination of metal and plastic. 

How to Make a Flower Frog Arrangement

Learning how to make a flower frog arrangement is relatively straightforward. First, select a vase and an array of flowers from the garden. Flower frog use requires careful positioning, making certain the frog is hidden, and that it will not float when the vessel is filled with water. While most purchased floral frogs feature prongs of some type, DIY supports can carefully be made with the use of specially designed floral wire. 

When arranging flowers, most gardeners like to start by positioning taller stems, foliage, and other less attention grabbing flowers first. After the basic form of the cut flower arrangement has started to take shape, larger focal blooms can then be added. Designs can range greatly, from the construction of minimalist floral sculptures to lush vases overflowing with blooms. 

Regardless of personal style, floral frogs can help even novice cut flower growers begin to craft elegant flower arrangements and bouquets. 

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has transformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/@tonyawiththeflowers.