Fuchsia Flowers – Annual Or Perennial Fuchsia Plants

Fuchsia Plant
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You may ask: Are fuchsia plants annual or perennial? You can grow fuchsias as annuals but they are actually tender perennials, hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. In colder zones, these plants will die in winter, just like annuals do. Read on for information about fuchsia flowers and fuchsia plant care.

About Fuchsia Flowers

Fuchsias look exotic. This fascinating flower offers blossoms that look like little hanging lanterns. You can get fuchsias that flower in shades of red, magenta, pink, purple and white. In fact, there are many kinds of fuchsias. The genus contains over 100 species of fuchsias, many with pendulous flowers. Their growing habits can be prostrate (low to the ground), trailing or upright. The fuchsia plants most familiar to many gardeners are those that are planted in hanging baskets, but other types of fuchsia flowers that are upright are also available in commerce. Fuchsia flower clusters grow along the tips of the branches, and often have two different colors. Many hummingbirds like fuchsia flowers as much as we do. Once the flowers are finished, they produce an edible fruit. It is said to taste like grape spiced with black pepper.

Annual or Perennial Fuchsia

Are fuchsia plants annual or perennial? In fact, fuchsias are tender perennials. This means that you can grow these plants outside if you live in a very warm climate and they will come back year after year. However, in many chillier climates, gardeners grow fuchsias as annuals, planted outside after all risk of frost is passed. They will beautify your garden all summer long, then die back with winter.

Fuchsia Plant Care

Fuchsia flowers are not difficult to maintain. They prefer to be planted in organically rich, well-drained soil. They also like regular watering. Fuchsias thrive in areas with cooler summers, and do not appreciate humidity, excessive heat or drought. If you want to overwinter your fuchsia plants, read on. It is possible to overwinter tender perennials by manipulating the environment just enough that the plant can continue growing. Perhaps the most important element is to monitor the minimum temperature exposure. When temperatures approach freezing, put the fuchsias in a greenhouse or enclosed porch until the coldest weather is passed.

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