Information About Gardenia

Taking care of gardenia plants may require a lot of effort so it often helps to arm yourself with enough information for growing these finicky plants. The following articles can do just that. With everything from growing gardenias and their care to fixing common problems affecting them, you'll find it here.

How To Care For Your Gardenia Plant

Primarily found outdoors in the south and grown for their fragrant flowers and handsome foliage, gardenias are popular ornamental shrubs, which are known for their finicky needs. This article will help with their care.

No Flowers On Gardenia Plant: How To Get Blooms On Gardenia

Gardenias are a favorite of gardeners in warm climates, who understandably love the plant for its glossy green leaves and sweet-smelling white flowers. If your gardenia won’t flower, this article can help explain why.

Should I Deadhead Gardenias: Tips On Removing Spent Blooms On Gardenia

Gardenia’s beautiful, fragrant, white flowers last for several weeks. Eventually, though, they will wilt and turn brown, leaving you wondering “should I deadhead gardenias?” Learn why and how to deadhead a gardenia bush in this article.

Gardenia Plant Companions – Learn What To Plant With Gardenias

The best companion plants for gardenias are those that share the same growing conditions without detracting from showy gardenia plants that deserve to take center stage in the garden. This article provides some suggestions on what to plant near gardenias.

Gardenia Cold Damage: How To Treat Cold Injury Of Gardenias

Gardenias are fairly hardy plants suitable for USDA zones 8 to 10. They can handle light freezes, but foliage will get damage with sustained cold in exposed locations. The extent of cold injury of gardenias is never certain until spring. Click here to learn more.

Gardenia Flower Bud Problems: Treat Brown Spots On Gardenias

Gardenias are finicky shrubs that don’t perform well unless you meet all of their needs. This article discusses problems that cause brown spots on gardenia buds and flowers, and how to correct them. Learn more here.

Gardenia Plant Diseases: Learn About Common Gardenia Diseases

Gardeners love their gardenias! Unfortunately, even the most pampered plant may develop one of the common gardenia diseases. Read this article to learn more about these common problems.

Gardenia Houseplants: Tips For Growing Gardenias Indoors

You may wonder if you can grow gardenia plants inside. The answer is yes; however, there are a few things to learn before you run out and purchase a plant. Read this article to find out what those are.

Different Gardenia Types: Varieties Of Gardenia Commonly Grown

The aroma of romance and soft summer nights. The scent of springtime in the South. The gardenia. Varieties abound and you can learn more about the different types of gardenia in this article.

Gardenia Winter Care – Tips For Wintering Over Gardenia Plants

Gardenias sustain substantial damage when exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees F. Because of this, it is important to know how to winterize them to continue enjoying them year round. Click here for more.

Starting Gardenias – How To Start A Gardenia From A Cutting

Propagating and pruning gardenias goes hand in hand. If you plan on pruning your gardenia, there is no reason why you should not be starting gardenias from the cuttings. Learn more in this article.

Gardenia Bugs – How To Control And Eliminate Gardenia Insects

Gardenias are beautiful flowers that withstand many soil and temperature differences. However, they are susceptible to a few gardenia insects and related diseases. Click here to take a look at the most common.

Fertilizing Gardenias In Your Garden

Taking care of gardenia plants requires a lot of work, as they are quite finicky when their growing requirements are not met. This includes fertilizing gardenias. which you can find tips for here.

Gardenia Flowers – Gardenia Buds Falling Off Plant

Often gardeners have issues with gardenia buds falling off plant or when gardenia buds won't bloom. Look at some of the issues that can cause this by reading the article that follows.

Transplanting Gardenia Plants – Planting Gardenia Somewhere New

Growing gardenias is hard enough, so it is no wonder that many gardeners shudder at the thought of transplanting gardenia plants. Proper care is crucial to the success of transplanting. Click here for more.

Helping A Gardenia Bush With Yellow Leaves

Gardenias are beautiful plants, but they require a bit of maintenance. One problem that seems to plague gardeners is a bush with yellow leaves. This article has tips on how to fix a gardenia with yellow leaves.

Gardenia Care To Get A Gardenia Bush To Bloom

A gardenia flower is truly a beauty to behold and the scent is just as wonderful to experience. Unfortunately, gardenias are notoriously tricky to coax into bloom, but it can be done. This article can help with that.

How And When To Prune A Gardenia Shrub

Gardenias have won the hearts of gardeners for their exquisite scent and beauty. As beautiful as gardenias are, they are a shrub. And like many shrubs, gardenias can benefit from being pruned. Click here for more.