Gardenia Plant Companions – Learn What To Plant With Gardenias

Gardenia And Companion Plants
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Gardenias are gorgeous plants, valued for their big, fragrant blooms and glossy, deep green foliage. They have a reputation for being slightly fussy, but the exquisite beauty and heavenly aroma are worth the extra effort. Choosing gardenia plant companions can be tricky as well. The best companion plants for gardenias are those that share the same growing conditions without detracting from showy gardenia plants that deserve to take center stage in the garden.

Choosing Suitable Gardenia Plant Companions

Gardenia thrives in partial shade, preferring morning sunlight with shade during sunny afternoons. The best gardenia plant companions are other plants that tolerate conditions that are less than sunny. Gardenias also prefer moist, well-drained, acidic soil, so select gardenia plant companions accordingly. Select plants that won’t compete with gardenia’s root zone and allow adequate spacing to prevent crowding. As a general rule, plants with relatively shallow roots are good gardenia plant companions. Avoid heavily scented plants that may compete or masque the intoxicating aroma of gardenias. Annuals are always good companion plants for gardenias but be careful that the colors don’t “fight” with their creamy white blooms. Also, bear in mind that most gardenia plants grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 and 10, although some newer hybrid gardenias tolerate the cooler temperatures of zone 8. When considering companion plants for gardenias, select plants that are happy within those zones.

What to Plant with Gardenias

Here are a few suggestions for gardenia companion planting. Blooming annuals

Perennials for partial shade


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