Information About Orchids

There are an endless number of orchid varieties to grow, both indoors and out. With so many to choose from, how does one go about keeping track of suitable orchid care? We can help. The following articles include orchid growing information covering different types of orchids and how to care for them properly. Keep reading to learn how to grow orchids of all kinds.

Orchid Growing Tips: How To Take Care Of Orchid Plants Indoors

Orchids are some of the most commonly grown houseplants. With proper growing conditions, it isn’t difficult to take care of orchid plants. Read here to get some indoor orchid care tips.

Nodding Lady’s Tresses Info: Growing Nodding Lady’s Tresses Plants

What is spiranthes lady’s tresses? Where can I find more nodding lady’s tresses info? You’ve come to the right place. Click on the article that follows to learn about growing nodding lady’s tresses in your garden.

Egret Flower Information – How To Grow An Egret Flower

What is an egret flower? Also known as white egret flower, crane orchid or fringed orchid, the egret flower produces strappy, deep green leaves and beautiful flowers that closely resemble pure white birds in flight. Learn more about this exotic plant in the following article.

What Is Orchid Bud Blast – What Causes Orchids To Drop Buds

Plants will drop leaves, buds or fruits to divert energy to the root and survival of the plant. Orchids are specifically sensitive plants. If you’ve found yourself wondering “why is my orchid losing buds,” then this article will help.

Types Of Pots For Orchids – Are There Special Containers For Orchid Plants

While the orchids we purchase have probably never experienced growing wildly in rainforests, confining their roots to a pot goes against their true primal nature. Because of this, we must select pots that allow them to grow to their full potential. Learn more here.

Help, My Orchid Is Rotting: Tips On Treating Crown Rot In Orchids

Orchids are beautiful, delicate, and very hard to grow in the eyes of some. It’s no wonder that orchid problems can send a gardener into a panic. This article will help with information about crown rot in orchids and orchid crown rot treatment.

Where Do Ghost Orchids Grow: Ghost Orchid Information And Facts

What is a ghost orchid, and where do ghost orchids grow? Ghost orchid plants are also known as white frog orchids, thanks to the frog-like shape of the odd-looking orchid flowers. Want to learn more ghost orchid information? Click this article.

Calanthe Orchid Care – How To Grow A Calanthe Orchid Plant

Orchids get a bad rap as fussy plants that are difficult to take care of. And while this is sometimes true, there are many varieties that are reasonably hardy and even cold resistant. One good example is the calanthe orchid. Learn more about it in this article.

Tips On Potting Orchid Keikis: How To Plant An Orchid Keiki

Propagating orchids from keikis is a lot simpler than it might sound! Once you’ve identified a keiki growing on your orchid, there are only a few simple steps required to replant your new baby orchid successfully. Learn more in this article.

Phal Orchid Care After Flowering – Caring For Phalaenopsis Orchids Post Bloom

Once blooms are finished, Phal orchid maintenance focuses on plant health. Good Phal orchid care after blooming sets the plant up for future blooms and development of new foliage. Learn more about Phalaenopsis orchid care, post bloom, in this article.

Native Orchid Plant Info: What Are Native Orchids

Wild orchid plants are beautiful gifts of nature growing in diverse habitats around the world. Get more orchid plant info and learn why growing native orchids may not be a good idea in this article. Click here for additional information.

Growing Orchids In Water: Caring For Orchids Grown In Water

Hydroponic orchid growing may prove the solution for an ailing orchid. The method is actually quite easy and fairly foolproof, requiring a few items and a little patience. Learn how to grow orchids in water with this quick tutorial.

Harvesting Lady Slipper Seed Pods – How To Collect Lady Slipper Seeds

Orchid propagation can be tricky, even for a professional grower. In the case of Lady Slipper seed pods, the plant must have a symbiotic relationship with a fungus to successfully germinate. It is possible, however, with a few of tips and tricks found here.

Orchid Plant Diseases – Tips On Treating Orchid Diseases

Most common orchid diseases can be prevented or cured, especially is caught early. Just as with pests, it is important to monitor plant health frequently and act immediately. Click here for some information on common orchid diseases and treatment.

Flying Duck Orchid Care – Can You Grow Flying Duck Orchid Plants

Native to the Australian wilderness, flying duck orchid plants are amazing orchids that produce – you guessed it – distinctive duck-like blooms. Click this article for a few more interesting facts about flying duck orchids.

Controlling Pests On Orchid Flowers – Tips On Managing Orchid Pests

Pests on orchid flowers may be sap feeders or chewing insects, but the damage they do can reduce plant vigor and, in some cases, even kill the plant. Identifying the villains and providing orchid pest control in a timely manner could save your plant. This article can help.

Beginner Orchid Growing: Getting Started With Orchid Plants

Orchids have a reputation for being finicky, difficult plants, but many orchids are no harder to grow than your average houseplant. Start with an “easy” orchid, then learn the basics of growing orchids. This article will help get you started.

Orchids For Windowsills: Learn About Growing Windowsill Orchids

Growing orchids on a windowsill is ideal. Learn more about how to grow orchids on windowsills and the best windowsill orchids in this article. Click here for more information to help get you started.

Orchid Water Requirements: How Much Water Do Orchids Need

While they’re not the easiest plants to grow, they’re far from the most difficult. One key aspect is knowing how and when to water an orchid properly. Learn more about how to water orchids and orchid water requirements in this article.

What Is A Whorled Pogonia – Learn About Whorled Pogonia Plants

Whorled pogonia is a common or threatened orchid species that you are not likely to find for sale, but if you happen to be in a forested area, you might run across one of these rare native orchids. Click this article for some fascinating information about the plant.

Orchids After Blooming: Learn About Orchid Care After Blooms Drop

Orchid flowers are unparalleled in beauty, form and delicacy and blooms last for quite some time. However, when they are spent, we are left wondering what to do with the plant now. Click here to learn how to care for orchids after flowering.

Vanda Orchid Propagation: Tips On Dividing Vanda Orchids

Aerial Vanda orchid roots make Vanda orchid propagation a very doable task. If you’d like to know how to propagate Vanda orchids, then this article should help. Simply click here for more information on propagating these orchid plants.

Rhynchostylis Orchids: Tips On Growing Foxtail Orchid Plants

Foxtail orchid plants are named for the long inflorescence that resembles a fluffy, tapering fox tail. The plant is distinctive for its beauty and spicy aroma. Learn more about growing and caring for Rhynchostylis orchids in this article.

Rein Orchid Plant: Information About Piperia Rein Orchids

Rein orchids are known as either Piperia elegans or Habenaria elegans, although the latter is somewhat more common. However, most of us know this lovely plant as simply rein orchid plant, or sometimes piperia rein orchids. Click here to learn more.

What Are Bee Orchids: Information About The Bee Orchid Flower

What are bee orchids? These interesting orchids produce up to 10 long, spiky bee orchid flowers atop long, bare stems. Read this article to find out what makes bee orchid flowers so fascinating. Click here for more information.

Orchid Is Growing Roots – What To Do With Orchid Roots Coming From Plant

If your orchids are developing crazy-looking tendrils that look a little like tentacles, don’t worry. Your orchid is growing roots, specifically aerial roots. Read this article for more information about what to do with orchid roots.

Swaddled Babies Orchid: Information About Anguloa Uniflora Care

Orchids are found in almost every region of the world. Anguloa uniflora orchids hail from the Andes regions around Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador. Common colorful names for the plant include tulip orchid and swaddled babies orchid. Click here to learn more about them.

Christmas Star Orchids: Tips For Growing Star Orchid Plants

Star orchid plant is definitely unique. Its species name is derived from the Latin meaning “one and a half feet” in reference to the long flower spur. Intrigued? Then perhaps you are wondering how to grow a star orchid. This article will help.

Terrestrial Orchid Info: What Are Terrestrial Orchids

Orchids have a reputation for being tender, temperamental plants, but this isn’t always true. Many types of terrestrial orchids are as easy to grow as any other plant. Read here to find out more.

What Is A Pseudobulb In Orchids: Learn About The Function Of Pseudobulbs

What is a pseudobulb? Unlike most houseplants, orchids don't grow from seeds or rooted stems. Most common orchids grown in homes come from pseudobulbs. Learn more about them in this article.

Growing Ground Orchids: How To Care For Spathoglottis Garden Orchids

Spathoglottis garden orchids are a terrestrial orchid, which means it developed in the soil instead of in the air on tree branches. Learn how to grow these orchid plants in the following article.

Jewel Orchid Information: How To Care For Ludisia Jewel Orchids

What are jewel orchids? One of the simplest orchids a budding grower could own. If you can grow a begonia indoors, you can be successful with growing jewel orchids. Read more in this article.

Dendrobium Orchid Info: How To Grow And Care For Dendrobium Orchids

Some of the most popular orchid plants among home growers are Dendrobium orchid plants. Read this article for information on growing these orchids. Learn more here.

Cymbidium Orchid Growing – How To Care For Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium orchid growing is a good way for beginners to start, especially if they have a plot of protected soil outdoors they want to fill. Learn more about these orchids in this article.

Care And Feeding Of Orchids: Tips On Fertilizing Orchids

Feeding orchid plants is essential for vibrant foliage and blooms. Follow the parameters in this article when fertilizing orchids for best results. Click here to get additional information.

When To Cut Orchid Plants: Learn How To Prune An Orchid

Orchids are beautiful flowers that are great for growing indoors. Follow the steps in this article to properly prune off old wood to make room for new blooms. Click here for more info.

Miltoniopsis Pansy Orchid: Tips On Caring For Pansy Orchids

The Miltoniopsis pansy orchid is possibly one of the friendliest looking orchids you can grow. Read this article to get tips on growing Miltonia orchid plants. Click here for more.

Growing Oncidium Orchids – How To Care For Oncidium Dancing Ladies

Oncidium orchids are known as dancing lady or dancing doll orchids for their distinctive floral design. Find out how to grow these orchids in this article. Click here for additional information.

About Epidendrum Orchid Plants: Information On Epidendrum Orchid Care

Epidendrum orchid plants are among the most common and the most unusual forms of the flowers. Learn about growing these orchids in this article. Click here for more information.

Growing Cattleya Orchids: Caring For Cattleya Orchid Plants

Cattleya orchid plants produce some of the brightest, most uniquely formed flowers in the orchid world. Read this article to learn more about growing these orchids.

Vanda Orchid Info: How To Grow Vanda Orchids In The Home

Vanda orchids produce some of the more stunning blooms in the genera. Care of Vanda orchids is simple, provided you remember a few key items found in this article.

Dealing With Common Orchid Problems

When growing orchids, it helps to know a little more about common orchid problems before you buy your first plant. Read this article to prepare for your orchid adventure.

Orchid Repotting: When And How To Repot An Orchid Plant

Orchids are relatively easy to grow with the right conditions, but almost every grower gets nervous at the thought of repotting an orchid. Learn more in this article.

Common Orchid Planting Mediums: Orchid Soil And Growing Mediums

Orchids a reputation for being difficult to grow, but if you provide them with the correct planting medium found in this article, you will have better luck in growing and caring for your exotic plants.

Various Orchid Flowers To Grow Indoors: Different Types Of Orchids

There are tons of orchid varieties to choose from. The orchid you choose will depend on the environment in which its grown. Learn more about different types of orchids in this article.

Hardy Orchid Plants: Growing Hardy Orchids In The Garden

When thinking of orchids, many gardeners envision the tropical types. But don’t forget about hardy garden orchids, like the Chinese ground orchid. Learn more in this article.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care: Tips For Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids

Growing phalaenopsis orchids was once an elite and costly hobby for those dedicated to phalaenopsis orchid care. Learn how to care for a phalaenopsis orchid in this article.

Lady Slipper Care: How To Grow Lady Slipper Orchids

There’s just something special about wild lady slipper orchids. Growing a lady slipper wildflower can be accomplished with a little effort in your own garden. Get more information in this article.

Vanilla Orchid Care – How To Grow Vanilla Orchid

Vanilla orchid care is very specific and each requirement must be met exactly in order for the vine to produce fruit. Learn how to grow vanilla orchid in the home interior. This article will help with that.

Information On Orchid Keiki Care And Transplanting

While orchids generally get a bad rap for being difficult to grow and propagate, they’re actually not that difficult at all. One of the easiest ways to grow them is through propagation from keikis. Click here to learn more.

Tips For How To Make An Orchid Bloom

While easy to grow and care for, many people still wonder how to make an orchid bloom. After all, if an orchid won't flower, then it is missing the element that makes these plants so desirable. Click here for more info.