Orchid Buds Dropping: How To Prevent Bud Blast In Orchids

Buds On Orchid Plant
(Image credit: SharafMaksumov)

Orchids have a reputation for being high maintenance. They need a specific environment to thrive. After putting in the extra effort required to make them happy, it can be frustrating when problems such as bud blast arise. Bud blast in orchids is when the flowers fall off prematurely, usually in response to some kind of stress. The following orchid bud blast information will tell you the causes of orchid bud blast and how to prevent bud blast.

How to Prevent Bud Blast

The causes of orchid buds dropping can be many. In nature, orchids grow on the tops of trees in a tropical environment. There are many types of orchids, so the best thing you can do is research the specific needs of your particular variety. Most need a lot of light and humidity and don’t do well in potting soil. The best way to prevent bud blast in orchids is to mimic their natural environment as closely as possible.

  • Plant them in a loose soil made of bark, specifically formulated for orchids.
  • Place them in a south-facing window where they will receive plenty of sun, or under an indoor grow light.
  • Create humidity with a humidifier, daily misting, or by placing them on top of a tray filled with pebbles and water.
  • Make sure the temperature in their environment drops about twenty degrees Fahrenheit (11 C.) at night to induce blooming.
  • Water thoroughly once a week and make sure to let the soil dry out between watering.

Causes of Orchid Bud Blast

If your flowers fall prematurely, make sure you are following the above directions. Orchid buds dropping are an indicator that your orchid is stressed. Orchids need consistent temperature and should always be kept in the same place if you can help it. If you need to move your orchid, do so after it blooms to prevent stress. Something as simple as a hot oven releasing heat or a cool draft from an air conditioner can cause bud blast in orchids. Even watering with water that is too cold or too hot can stress your plant and cause bud blast in orchids. Check your variety’s specific temperature requirements and make sure you keep their temperature consistent. Orchid buds dropping from harsh chemicals in the air is fairly common. Perfumes, paint fumes, gas leaks, cigarette smoke, ethylene gas from ripening fruit, and methane released from flowering plants can all be causes of orchid bud blast. Even over fertilizing or a pesticide application can push your orchid over the edge. Watering too much or too little will stress out your orchid. Mulching the top of your soil will help keep the moisture level more even, but be sure to let your soil dry out before watering again. Potting soil does not work well for orchids. They need a light, airy mix. Hopefully, this orchid bud blast information and tips on how to prevent bud blast will help you enjoy your orchid blooms for as long as possible.