10 Best Pansy Varieties - Growing Beautiful Pansies

Beautiful Colorful Pansies
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Pansies are among the most sought-after ornamental flowers in garden centers for good reason. Their small stature and prolific bloom make an extraordinary addition to flower borders, containers, and even cut flower gardens. While traditional pansies are always a favorite, many newer hybrids offer growers an impressive selection of color and texture. Below are several of the best pansy varieties for those looking to add some more unusual flair to the landscape.

Different Varieties of Pansies

  1. “Cool Wave Blueberry Swirl” Pansy - This unique spreading pansy is a favorite among growers looking to fill and add interest to spring containers and hanging baskets. These beautiful pansies are also considered to be exceptionally fast growers, cascading from baskets within weeks of planting. 
  2. “Panola Pink Shades” Pansy – If you’re looking for the best pansy varieties with more subtle color, these gentle shades of white and light pink may be a better option. ”Panola Pink” pansy has also gained popularity as a useful cut flower when grown at a close spacing. 
  3. “Nature Mulberry Shades” Pansy - Deep burgundy with splashes of gold and orange, these unusual pansies offer growers a truly unique color. This variety is also praised for its early and abundant production of flowers. 
  4. “Frizzle Sizzle Lemonberry” Pansy - Among the best varieties of pansy for adding texture to the garden, this flower is known for its large size and highly ruffled petals. 
  5. “Halloween II” Pansy - Celebrated by many as a true black flower, deep and dark “Halloween II” pansies make an impression in late fall gardens with their mysterious color, which deepens as the weather cools.
  6. “Coronation Gold” Pansy - A classic heirloom pansy, this variety has stood the test of time as one of grower’s favorite varieties of pansy. Bright, vibrant yellow blooms are produced on short, yet sturdy stems. 
  7. “Chianti Mix” Pansy - A collection of unusual pansies that bloom in a wide range of subtle antique shades. Large, ruffled petals add further interest to mass border plantings and in containers. 
  8. “Majestic Giants II Sherry” Pansy - A variety of pansy which displays the traditional center “blotch” pattern. Light, pink shades surround a darker center which has made this variety a truly exceptional bedding plant.
  9. “Brushstrokes” Pansy - These unusual pansies feature a wide range of color, with each petal decorated with intricate splashes of color, reminiscent of an artist’s brush stroke. Though the flowers are often much smaller than some other varieties of pansy, they are sure to make an impression. 
  10. “Matrix Sunrise” Pansy - Among the best pansy varieties for tolerance to heat and warm temperatures, gardeners delight in the longevity of this elegant flower. Consistency and quick rate of growth also make this pansy an ideal choice for people who are interested in selling bedding plants.
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