Pink Varieties Of Petunia: Picking Out Petunias That Are Pink

Pink Petunias
pink petunias
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Petunias are perfect bedding or container plants. If you are planning a hanging basket with a certain color scheme such as pink, you will want to know all the pink petunia varieties. There are several pink petunia flowers, some of which are in the "wave" category, while others sport double petals. A list of their attributes and names can help you decide which ones to select.

Choosing Pink Petunia Flowers

A mass of pink bubblegum flowers makes an outstanding and bright statement. Petunias that are pink provide several unique attributes that can enhance such a display. There are compact to mounding forms, tennis ball to dime sized blooms, plus many more variations such as striping and number of petals. If pink is your color, you're in luck, as most of the available varieties come in this sought after hue.

Wave and Carpet Varieties

The "Wave" type petunia has been around for several decades. These fabulous plants will spread out and cover a bed in glorious flowery color. The carpet variety is similar but has smaller blooms and is lower to the ground, making a tighter, tidier groundcover. These pink varieties of petunia will grow rapidly and develop into a sea of bright blooms:

  • Easy Wave Pink Passion – Deeply colored with a touch of lavender and vigorous grower
  • Supertunia Watermelon Charm – Spreads up to 24 inches (61 cm.) in bright fuchsia pink
  • Carpet Pink Morn – Multiflora variety of soft cotton candy pink
  • Carpet Pink – Heat and disease resistant with compact pink petunia flowers
  • Carpet Rose Star – Vibrant pink flowers with white striped petals
  • Tidal Wave Hot Pink – Intense color and huge blooms

Frilled and Double Petal Pink Petunia Varieties

If you want something unique, try ruffled, frilled, and multi-petal petunias that are pink. These selections offer more elegance and are transformed into something exceptional. New offerings have heat and rain tolerance to protect the delicate petals.

  • Double Valentine – Mounding plant with masses of pink blooms
  • Espresso Frappe Rose – Deep color and ruffled edges with some shade tolerance
  • Double Cascade Pink Orchid Mist – A variety of pink tones from cotton candy to deep rose
  • Double Cascade Pink – Extra large, dark rose colored frilled flowers
  • Pink Fluffy Ruffles – Huge flowers up to 4.5 inches (11 cm.) across
  • Frillytunia Pink – An old-fashioned form upgraded

Selection of the most popular pink petunias and new introductions may also send you swooning for Valentine toned blooms. Barbie would be challenged to name her favorite.

  • Aladdin Peach Morn – Early blooming and rain resistant
  • Bella Star Rose and White – Rose blooms featuring a white star, weather resistant and compact
  • Candy Picotee Rose – Small, 3 inch (8 cm.), hot pink flowers with white edges
  • Dolcissima Fragolino – A mixture of raspberry to soft rose shades with deep stripes down center
  • Aladdin Pink – Easy to grow and tolerant of many conditions
  • Daddy Orchid – Soft color with a deeper toned center, compact with large blooms
  • Dreams Neon Rose – Vibrant hot pink blooms with white throats
Bonnie L. Grant

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