Pink Plants In Gardens: Tips For Planning A Pink Garden Design

Bleeding heart flowers growing on a plant
(Image credit: Oksana Akhtanina)

Shades of pink make up a massive family of colors ranging from ultra vivid magenta to the palest of baby pinks. Cool pinks have a little blue hint while warm pinks lean a bit towards yellow. Depending on the shade of pink that you use, this color can bring boldness or softness to the pink garden design. Let's learn more about using pink plants in gardens.

Planning a Pink Garden Design

If you are planning a pink garden, there are many ways to achieve diversity. Mix deep pink flowers with mid and pale pinks to bring about breathtaking color contrast. Using all one color in a garden is termed monochromatic and it can be quite eye stopping if done well. When you use all pink flowers in a small space, it will lift up the space and make it appear large and bright. Include a variety of pink shades in your all pink garden. Consider bloom times as well. Choose different shades that will bloom throughout the season so that there is always a mixture of pink hues during the entire growing season. Plant annual flowers between long-lasting perennials, or use them as part of a mixed border. When gardening with pink plants, always choose plants that are hardy in your region and appropriate for your growing space.

Mixing Pink Plants in Gardens

Pink flowers mix beautifully with green and white and look stunning beside foliage only plants. Hot pink and violet pair together to bring radiance to any space. Shade loving, pink flowering perennials lighten up garden space that might go otherwise unnoticed. These include:

Soften the ground with beautiful pink flowering ground covers including:

If you want a shocking contrast partner place scarlet, pink, and orange plants together. This eye-popping combination is sure to draw attention not only from butterflies and hummingbirds, but also from everyone who visits your garden. Pink varieties of Echinaceas mixed with salvia and orange poppies are a striking mix. If you are unsure how colors will look together, visit a greenhouse and place your pink plants together with plants of different shades to get an idea of how they may look in your garden. You can even make a sketch of your garden in full color to help you with planning your pink color scheme.