Growing Miniature Roses In Pots - Tips For Care Of Miniature Roses Planted In Containers

Miniature Roses Growing In Containers
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Growing beautiful miniature roses in containers is not a wild idea at all. In some cases, folks may be limited in garden space, may not have an area that is sunny enough where the garden space is available or just happen to like container gardening better. Then, too, perhaps some folks are renting a place and do not want to plant a miniature rose bush where they might have to leave it.

Choosing a Container for Miniature Roses

I have used a couple old coal buckets to grow miniature rose bushes in successfully, but you can use anything that will hold soil. For miniature rose bushes, I highly recommend something about the same size as an old coal bucket and at least as deep (around 10-12 inches or 25-30 cm.). I do recommend not planting any miniature rose bush in a clear container as the sun's rays can damage the root system, causing root burn.

Preparing the Miniature Rose Container

Clean the rose container out well. If there are no drainage holes, drill several 3/8-inch (9.5 ml.) holes in the bottom of the rose containers for drainage and place a layer of 3/4-inch (1.9 cm.) gravel in the bottom to help provide the drainage area. When planting miniature container roses, for the soil in the container, I use a good bagged garden soil for outdoor use. Use a mix that allows for good root system growth and good drainage.

Choosing a Miniature Rose to Grow in Containers

I select a miniature rose for the container whose growth habit is no more than medium, as too tall a miniature rose bush would not look so good in the container. Your miniature rose bush selection should suit whatever container you decide to use. Select the miniature rose that suits the look and color of your desires. Again, make very sure to check the growth habit of the rose either from the sellers' website or look up the rose bush you are interested in online to learn about its habits and blooming. Some of the miniature rose bushes I recommend for container roses are:

  • Dr. KC Chan (yellow)
  • Salute (red)
  • Ivory Palace (white)
  • Autumn Splendor (yellow and red blend)
  • Arcanum (white with red kissed edges)
  • Winter Magic (light lavender and very fragrant)
  • Coffee Bean (dark russet)
  • Sequoia Gold (yellow)
Stan V. Griep

Stan V. Griep contributed to Gardening Know How for many years. An American Rose Society Consulting Master Rosarian in the Rocky Mountain District, he served as Gardening Know How's in-house expert on all things roses.