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Ahh, sweet peas…you likely remember these old-fashioned favorites from your grandmother’s garden and their undeniably sweet fragrance to boot. But how do you grow sweet pea flowers? Are they edible? Do these plants suffer many sweet pea problems? Find the answers to these questions and more in the following articles on caring for sweet peas in the garden.

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Why Don’t My Sweet Peas Flower – How To Get Sweet Peas Blooming

By Jackie Carroll

My sweet pea flowers are not blooming! It can be frustrating when you've done everything you can think of to help your flowers thrive, but they refuse to bloom. Let's look at a checklist of the requirements for a sweet pea to bloom in this article.

Can You Eat Sweet Peas – Are Sweet Pea Plants Toxic

By Amy Grant

Because of their name, there is some confusion as to whether you can eat sweet peas. They certainly sound like they might be edible. So are sweet pea plants toxic, or are sweet pea blossoms or pods edible? Click this article to learn more.

Container Grown Sweet Peas: How To Grow Sweet Pea Flowers In Pots

By Liz Baessler

With their colorful and highly fragrant blossoms, sweet peas are extremely rewarding plants to grow. And, luckily, growing sweet peas in containers is also easy to do. Want to learn more about how to grow sweet pea flowers in pots? Click here.

Sweet Pea Problems: Reasons For Sweet Pea Flowers Falling Off

By Jackie Carroll

It's a common problem with sweet peas. One day the plants are loaded with buds that should open at any time, and the next day the buds are dropping off. Find out what causes bud drop and what to do about it in this article.

Sweet Pea Seedpods: Tips On Collecting Seeds From Sweet Peas

By Jackie Carroll

Sweet peas are one of the mainstays of the annual garden. When you find a variety you love, why not save the seeds so you can grow them every year? This article explains how to collect sweet pea seeds.

Care Of Sweet Peas – How To Grow Sweet Peas

By Jackie Carroll

The sweet peas your grandmother grew truly deserved the name "sweet" because of their delightful fragrance. Taking care of sweet peas is easy. This article has tips that will help.

How To Pinch Sweet Peas For Fuller Plants

By Jackie Rhoades

Pinching out sweet peas will provide you with more blooms for cutting. It's one of the wonders of growing these delightful vines. The more blooms you cut, the more will grow. Learn more in this article.

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