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Geraniums make popular bedding plants in the garden and are also commonly grown indoors. Growing geranium plants is easy as long as you provide them with everything they need. The care of geraniums is an essential part of their overall health. But even with the best geranium care, there may be times when problems occur. Read on for information on growing geraniums and keeping problems to a minimum.

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Learn To Deadhead Geraniums The Right Way

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Learn how to deadhead your geraniums for blooms that often come back again and again.

Scented Geranium Varieties To Add To Your Garden

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Try some of the hundreds of types of scented geraniums as container plants, house plants, and in hot climates, as perennials.

What Is A Martha Washington Geranium – Learn About Martha Washington Geranium Care

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Growing Martha Washington geranium plants isn’t difficult, but the plants do have different needs than standard geraniums. Click below to learn how to grow this geranium variety.

Worms On Geranium Plants: Treating Tobacco Budworm On Geraniums

By Teo Spengler

Most likely if you find any worms on your geranium plants, you have found a tobacco budworm. It is actually so common to find these pests on geraniums they are also called geranium budworms. For more information about these worms, click here.

What Is Geranium Edema – Treating Geraniums With Edema

By Amy Grant

Geraniums are a favorite plant to grow and relatively easy to care for. However, they can fall victim to geranium edema. To learn more about this disorder that affects geraniums and the causes, click the following article.

Botrytis Blight Of Geraniums: How To Treat Geranium Botrytis Symptoms

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Geraniums are typically easy to grow and care for, although these hardy plants occasionally fall victim to various diseases. One of the most common is botrytis blight of geraniums. To learn more on what to do about blight in geranium plants, click here.

Geranium Blackleg Disease: Why Geranium Cuttings Are Turning Black

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Blackleg of geraniums has a scary sound to it and for the plants affected, it is scary. This very grave disease oftentimes occurs in a greenhouse and can spread rapidly. To find out more about treatment and prevention of geranium blackleg, click here.

Geranium Leaf Spot And Stem Rot: What Causes Bacterial Wilt Of Geraniums

By Mary Ellen Ellis

A damaging bacterial disease that causes spotting and wilting on leaves and rotting of stems is the bacterial wilt of geraniums. Also known as leaf spot ad stem rot, this disease can quickly destroy your geraniums. To learn the signs and ways to prevent, click here.

Geranium Seed Propagation: Can You Grow A Geranium From Seed

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

The geranium was once grown only through cuttings. However, seed-grown varieties have become very popular. Geranium seed propagation is not difficult, but the secret to summer blooms is knowing when to plant geranium seeds. Click here to learn more.

Geranium Cutting Rot – What Causes Rot On Geranium Cuttings

By Amy Grant

Geraniums are common flowering plants that are fairly easy to grow. However, they do tend to have their share of diseases such as geranium cutting rot. Click here to find out more about geranium cuttings with rot issues.

Geranium Houseplants: Learn How To Grow Geraniums Indoors

By Raffaele Di Lallo, Author and founder of Ohio Tropics houseplant care blog

Although geraniums are common outdoor plants, it is very possible to keep the common geranium as a houseplant. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind in terms of growing geraniums inside, however. Click this article for more information.

What Is Geranium Rust – Learn About Treating Geranium Leaf Rust

By Liz Baessler

Geraniums are some of the most popular and easy-to-care-for garden and potted plants. Geranium rust is a very serious and relatively new disease that can completely defoliate and even kill a plant. Click this article to learn more about recognizing geranium leaf rust symptoms.

Geranium Diseases: Treating A Sick Geranium Plant

By Shelley Pierce

Geraniums are one of the most popular indoor and outdoor flowering plants and are relatively hardy but, like any plant, can be susceptible to a number of diseases. It?s important to be able to identify diseases if and when they do occur. Click this article to learn more.

Brocade Geranium Care: How To Grow Brocade Leaf Geraniums

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Most gardeners are very familiar with the wide range of bloom colors for zonal geraniums. However, brocade geranium plants can add even more exquisite color to the garden with just their foliage. For more brocade geranium info, click on the following article.

Red Geranium Leaves – Reasons For Red Leaves On A Geranium

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Geraniums are generally low-maintenance and easy-to-grow, but, like any plant, they can experience some problems. One of the most common includes geranium leaves turning red. Click here to learn more about afflictions that can lead to red leaves on geraniums.

Geranium Plant Propagation – Learn How To Start Geranium Cuttings

By Liz Baessler

Geraniums are some of the most popular houseplants and bedding plants out there. They're easy to maintain, tough, and very prolific. They're also very easy to propagate. Learn more about geranium plant propagation, particularly how to start geranium cuttings, here.

Companion Plants For Geraniums – Plants That Grow Next To Geraniums

By Liz Baessler

Geraniums are popular for their bright and sometimes fragrant flowers, but they bring with them the extra bonus of being especially good companion plants. Learn more about companion planting with geraniums and what to plant with geraniums in this article.

Lifespan of Geranium Flowers: What To Do With Geraniums After Blooming

By Liz Baessler

Are geraniums annual or perennial? It?s a simple question with a slightly complicated answer. Click this article to learn more about the lifespan of geranium flowers and what to do with geraniums after blooming.

Ivy Geranium Care – How To Grow And Care For Ivy Geraniums

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Ivy leaf geraniums are not as common in the U.S. as their relative, Zonal geranium. As more gardeners plant them, however, growing ivy geraniums may become a more common gardening delight. Get more info here.

Growing Geraniums: Tips For The Care Of Geraniums

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

Geraniums are some of the most popular flowers, and for good reason. We'll teach you how to grow these vibrant, easy plants.

Why A Geranium Gets Yellow Leaves

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

Geraniums are among the most popular bedding plants. As wonderful as geraniums are, there may be times when you notice your geranium leaves turning yellow. Find out what causes this here.

Overgrown Geraniums: Preventing And Correcting Leggy Geranium Plants

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

Many people wonder why their geraniums get leggy, especially if they keep them year after year. Find out the cause and what to do with leggy geraniums in this article.

How To Prune Geranium Plants

By Heather Rhoades

Pruning geraniums can help keep them looking their best. Cutting back geraniums will prevent woody and leggy geraniums, especially in geraniums that have been overwintered. Find pruning information here.

Geranium Winter Care: How To Save Geraniums Over The Winter

By Heather Rhoades

Geraniums are grown as annuals in most parts of the U.S., but they are actually tender perennials. This means that with a little care, getting geraniums to last over winter is possible. This article will help.

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