Information About Artemisia

Artemisia Winter Care: Tips On Winterizing Artemisia Plants

Winter care for Artemisia is fairly minimal, but there are few tips and tricks to remember so the plant has the best chance of survival over the cold season. This article will help with information on caring for Artemisia over winter.

Growing Southernwood: Care And Uses For Southernwood Herb Plant

One of the lesser known herbs, or rather underutilized in some regions, is the southernwood herb plant, also known as southernwood Artemisia. Learn more about this plant is the article that follows.

Sagebrush Plant Information: Growing Facts And Uses For Sagebrush Plants

Sagebrush is a common sight along roadsides and growing sagebrush plants in the home landscape provides a natural look for the open field or pasture. Learn more in this article.

Tips For Silver Mound Care

Fine, delicate foliage and an attractive, mounding habit are just a couple of reasons gardeners like growing the silver mound plant. Learn about growing and caring for silver mound plant in this article.