Hosta Watering Guide: Tips On Watering A Hosta Plant

Hosta Plant Leaves Covered In Droplets Of Water
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Hosta plants are easily one of the most popular perennials for the home landscape. Thriving in both full and partial shade conditions, hostas can add both color and texture to flower borders. These easy-to-grow plants are an ideal addition to new and established beds.

With minimal care, home gardeners are able to keep their hostas looking lush and beautiful. However, there are some maintenance aspects that will be a necessity. Establishing a consistent irrigation routine will be key in keeping hostas looking their best all summer long. Read on for more info on hosta water needs.

How Much Water Do Hostas Need?

When it comes to growing hosta, watering requirements will vary depending upon the conditions in the garden and the time of year. The process of watering a hosta plant will change from winter to summer. In growing hosta, watering needs reach their peak during the hottest parts of the summer season and wane as the weather begins to cool and plants go dormant in the fall.

Hosta irrigation is essential, as it will ensure that the plants grow large and remain healthy. These plants require soil that's well-draining but maintains consistent moisture levels at all times. This can be achieved through weekly watering using soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems.

Like many perennial plants, watering a hosta deeply is imperative – on average, they require about an inch (2.5 cm.) of water each week. By establishing a weekly watering schedule, plants can develop a more robust root system that is better able to access water deep in the soil.

During summers that are especially hot and dry, hosta plants may begin to turn brown and die. Although the process of going dormant in extremely dry conditions is normal, it is not ideal. Severe cases of drought can lead to dry rot and the ultimate loss of the hosta plants. Irrigation is key in avoiding these potential issues.

Gardeners should continue to water hosta plants until the first frost date has arrived. Cooler temperatures will signal to the hosta plants that it is time to move into winter dormancy. Watering throughout the winter is usually not suggested, with the exception of those living in the driest parts of the country without rain or snowfall.

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