Information About Ornamental Grass

Propagating Decorative Grasses: How To Propagate Ornamental Grass

In most cases, dividing ornamental grasses is recommended every few years once they are established. You can also reproduce more plants with seeds. Learn more about propagating these grasses in this article. Click here.

Preventing Flopping Grass: Causes Of Ornamental Grasses Falling Over

One of the few problems you may have with an ornamental grass plant is the stems falling over, otherwise known as lodging of ornamental grasses. Find out why this happens and how to fix it right here.

Ornamental Grasses Without Plumes: No Plumes On Ornamental Grass

If there are no plumes on ornamental grass in your garden, there are a few possible causes. They may be cultural, site-related, due to age or just due to plant variety. Read here to learn more.

Ornamental Grasses For Containers: How To Grow Ornamental Grass In A Pot

Ornamental grasses provide a unique texture, color, height and even sound to the home garden. But caring for potted grasses is also an excellent project. This article will explain more about potted grasses.

Sensational Borders With Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses come in a wide range of heights, colors, and textures, making them perfect for any space in the garden, especially the border. Learn more about growing ornamental grasses here.