Information About Staghorn Ferns

My Staghorn Fern Is Turning Yellow: How To Treat A Yellow Staghorn Fern

“My staghorn fern is turning yellow. What should I do?” Staghorn ferns are some of the most unusual-looking plants home gardeners can grow. They can also be expensive, so it’s important to catch any problems early. Lean about fixing yellowing staghorns here.

Watering A Staghorn Fern: Water Requirements For Staghorn Ferns

Natively, staghorn ferns grow in areas with high humidity and frequent periods of rain. In the home or landscape, these conditions may be hard to mock, and regularly watering a staghorn fern may be necessary. Click here to learn how to water staghorn ferns.

Growing Banana Fed Staghorns: How To Use Bananas To Feed A Staghorn Fern

In the case of the staghorn fern, adding whole banana peels is just as effective as composting them first. You can “feed” a whole peel or even a whole banana to the plant by placing it on top of the plant, among its fronds. Learn more in this article.

Overwintering Staghorn Ferns: Growing Staghorn Ferns In Winter

Staghorn ferns are beautiful specimen plants that can be great conversation pieces. They are not at all frost hardy, however, so special care needs to be taken by most gardeners to ensure that they survive the winter. This article will help with that.

Dividing Staghorn Ferns – How And When To Divide A Staghorn Fern Plant

The staghorn fern is a unique epiphyte that grows well indoors, and in warm, humid climates outdoors. It’s an easy plant to grow, so if you have one that gets large, knowing how to divide a staghorn fern successfully comes in handy. This article will help.

Staghorn Fern Plant Problems: How To Treat A Diseased Staghorn Fern

Although they can be a little tricky to get just so, once a staghorn is established, you can expect few problems with them. Once in a while, however, your staghorn may get sick and that’s why we put this article together. Click here to learn about diseases of staghorn ferns.

Staghorn Fern Leaf Drop: How To Save A Staghorn Fern Losing Fronds

Owning a staghorn fern is an exercise in balancing of water and light, nutrients and keeping their roots exposed. When your staghorn fern starts dropping leaves, you know something has gone wrong in the equation. Learn more in this article.

Staghorn Fern Cold Hardiness: How Cold Tolerant Are Staghorn Ferns

Generally, only a few staghorn fern varieties are available in nurseries or greenhouses because of their very specific temperature and care requirements. Learn about the cold hardiness of a staghorn fern, as well as care tips, in this article.

Dust On A Staghorn Fern – Do Staghorn Ferns Need To Be Cleaned

Because the fronds are so large, it isn’t unusual to find a thin layer of dust on a staghorn fern. Washing staghorn fern plants carefully will remove dust that can block sunlight and, of course, also brightens the appearance of the plant. Learn more in this article.

Staghorn Fern Outdoor Care – Growing A Staghorn Fern In The Garden

You may have seen staghorn fern plants mounted on plaques, growing in wire baskets or even planted in small pots. Those who have seen this dramatic plant often wonder, “Can you grow staghorn ferns outside?” Click here to learn about growing staghorn ferns outdoors.

Mounting Staghorn Ferns: Learn About Staghorn Fern Mounting Materials

The staghorn fern is an unusual and attractive epiphyte, or air plant, that thrives in the tropics. This means they don’t need soil to grow, so to showcase them beautifully, mounting staghorn ferns is a great choice. This article will help with that.

Chained Staghorn Fern Plants: Supporting A Staghorn Fern With A Chain

During storms, heavy staghorn fern plants can fall out of their tree hosts. Whether attempting to save a fallen staghorn fern or supporting a store bought one, hanging a staghorn fern with chains may be the best option. Learn more in this article.

Light For A Staghorn Fern: Learn About Staghorn Fern Light Requirements

Staghorn ferns are remarkable plants. They can be kept small, but if allowed to they will get genuinely huge and imposing. Getting enough light for a staghorn fern to grow properly is very important. Learn more about staghorn fern light requirements here.

Staghorn Fern Varieties: Are There Different Kinds Of Staghorn Ferns

Staghorn ferns are unusual, exotic-looking plants that will definitely attract guests’ attention. The plants known as staghorn ferns include the 18 species in the Platycerium genus plus many hybrids and varieties of those species. Learn more in this article.

What Are Staghorn Fern Pups: Should I Remove Staghorn Pups

Staghorn ferns are fascinating specimens. While they reproduce through spores, a much more common method of propagation is through pups, small plantlets that grow off of the mother plant. Learn about staghorn fern pup propagation in this article.

Staghorn Fern Repotting: How To Repot A Staghorn Fern

In their natural environment, staghorn ferns grow on tree trunks and branches. Fortunately, staghorn ferns also grow in pots. Like all potted plants, staghorn ferns occasionally need repotting. Learn about transplanting staghorn ferns in this article.

Potting A Staghorn Fern: Growing Staghorn Ferns In Baskets

By nature, staghorn ferns are epiphytic plants that grow by attaching themselves to tree trunks or limbs. They aren’t parasitic because they draw no nutrition from the tree. So can staghorn ferns be potted? Learn more about potting a staghorn fern here.

Staghorn Fern Mounts: Growing Staghorn Ferns On Rocks

Staghorn ferns live epiphytically in nature on trees, rocks and other low soil structures. Mounting staghorn ferns is relatively simple, provided you remember the plant's growing requirements. Learn more in this article.

Staghorn Fern Fertilizer – When To Feed Staghorn Ferns

If you have a staghorn fern, you have one of the most interesting plants available. Knowing how to fertilize a staghorn is task that requires timing and some know how. This article provides some tips on the correct staghorn fern fertilizer.

Harvesting Staghorn Fern Spores: Tips On Gathering Spores On Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns have two types of leaves: a flat, round kind that grips to the trunk of the host tree and a long, branching kind that resembles deer antlers and earns the plant its name. It’s on these long leaves that you can find spores. Learn how to collect them here.

Staghorn Fern Spores: Growing Staghorn Fern From Spores

If you’re interested in staghorn fern propagation, keep in mind there are no staghorn fern seeds. Unlike most plants that propagate themselves via flowers and seeds, staghorn ferns reproduce by tiny spores. This article has more information.

Propagating Staghorn Ferns: Learn How To Start A Staghorn Fern Plant

Staghorn ferns have two distinct types of leaves that together make for a distinctive look. But what if you want to spread your staghorn ferns around? Learn more about staghorn fern propagation and how to start a staghorn fern in this article.

Staghorn Fern Information And Care: How To Grow A Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns have an out-of-this world appearance. The plants have two types of leaves, one of which resembles the horns of a large herbivore. Find out how to grow staghorn ferns in this article.