Seed Pods On Yucca Plants
yucca seed pods
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Yucca plants are a popular choice in a xeriscape landscape. They are also popular houseplants. Learning how to do the propagation of a yucca plant is an excellent way to increase the number of yuccas in your yard or home.

Yucca Plant Cutting Propagation

One of the more popular choices is to take cuttings from yucca plants. Your yucca plant cutting should be taken from mature growth rather than new growth as mature wood is less prone to rot. Cuttings should ideally be taken in the spring, though they can be taken into the summer if needed. Use sharp, clean shears to cut at least 3 inches (or more) (7.5 cm.) from the plant as the cutting. Once you take the cutting, strip all but the top few leaves away from the cutting. This will reduce the amount of moisture lost from the plant while it grows new roots. Take your yucca plant cutting and place in it a cool, shady place for a few days. This will allow the cutting to dry out some and will encourage better rooting. Then place the yucca plant cutting in some potting soil. Put it in a place where it will get indirect light. The propagation of the yucca plant will be complete when the cutting grows roots, which happens in about three to four weeks.

Yucca Seed Propagation

Planting yucca seed is another possible way to do yucca tree propagation. Yuccas grow easily from seed. You will get the best results planting yucca seed if you scar the seed first. Scarring the seed means that you gently rub the seed with some sandpaper or a file to "scar" the seed coating. After you do this, plant the seeds in a well-draining potting mix, like a cactus mix. Plant the seeds one to two seed lengths deep in the soil. Place the plant in a sunny, warm place. Water the soil until you see seedlings in about one to two weeks. If you do not see seedlings at this time, allow the soil to dry out completely and resume watering. Whether you decide to try a yucca plant cutting or planting yucca seed, yucca plants are very easy to propagate.

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