Silver Falls Houseplant: Growing A Silver Falls Dichondra In The Home

Tall Silver Falls Dichondra Houseplant
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As an outdoor plant it makes a pretty groundcover or trailing plant, but growing a Silver Falls dichondra indoors in a container is also a great option. This evergreen, hardy plant grows gorgeous silvery foliage and makes a nice addition to any home with the right care.

What is Silver Falls Dichondra?

Silver Falls is the common name for Dichondra argentea, an herbaceous and evergreen perennial. Outdoors it is hardy to zone 10 and can be grown as a low groundcover or as a plant that trails over the edge of a raised bed or container. It is especially popular in hanging baskets because of its trailing foliage. The name Silver Falls comes from the unique coloring of the leaves, a silvery pale green. The flowers are not very noticeable and the real reason to grow this plant is for the pretty leaves. It is also prized for its ability to spread and cover an area vigorously and quickly as well as for its low-maintenance nature.

How to Grow a Silver Falls Plant Indoors

Growing a Silver Falls plant indoors is a great way to add a different element to your houseplants. Not typically grown inside, Silver Falls does well in containers and there is no reason you shouldn’t try it. Silver falls dichondra care is simple and you’ll find that if you give your potted plant the right conditions, it will thrive and grow vigorously. Give your Silver Falls houseplant rich, but not heavy soil and make sure the container will drain well. It prefers medium to dry conditions, so staying inside in the winter with drier air is usually no problem for this plant. Make sure the pot is big enough to allow the plant to spread or be prepared to trim it back as needed. Find a spot that gets some direct sunlight throughout the day, as Silver Falls prefers partial shade to full sunlight. The real beauty of growing a Silver Falls plant indoors is getting masses of trailing, silvery foliage, so find a place in your home that will let it shine. A basket hanging from the ceiling or a pot that sits on a tall table are good options for enjoying the trailing vines of your Silver Falls houseplant. During spring and summer months you can allow the plant to soak up the sun outdoors.

Mary Ellen Ellis

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