Information About English Ivy

Growing English Ivy – How To Care For English Ivy Plant

English ivy plants are superb climbers, clinging to almost any surface by means of small roots that grow along the stems. English ivy care is a snap, and this article will give tips for growing the plant.

English Ivy Pruning: Tips On How And When To Trim Ivy Plants

Whether English ivy is grown indoors or out, this fast-growing plant benefits from an occasional trim to stimulate new growth, improve air circulation and keep the vine within boundaries and looking its best. Learn more in this article.

English Ivy Tree Damage: Tips On Removing Ivy From Trees

There’s little doubt about the attractiveness of English ivy in the garden. That said, without periodic pruning, the vine can become a nuisance, especially with regards to trees. Click here to learn more about ivy damage to trees and what can be done about it.

Tips For How To Kill English Ivy

The same traits that make English ivy a wonderful ground cover can also make it a pain to remove from your yard. Removing ivy can be a difficult task, but not an impossible one. This article will help.