Information About Pachysandra

Growing Pachysandra Plants – How To Plant Pachysandra Ground Cover

Pachysandra is a favorite ground cover plant in hard-to-plant areas such as under trees, or in shady areas with poor or acidic soil. Read here to find tips for growing pachysandra in your landscape.

Treating Volutella Blight On Pachysandra: What Is Pachysandra Volutella Blight

When pachysandra is stressed by too much water on their leaves or too little water to drink, it is prone to certain infectious diseases, including pachysandra Volutella blight. For more information about this disease and treatment, click here.

Pachysandra Weeds: Tips For Removing Pachysandra Ground Cover

Pachysandra an evergreen ground cover that looks like a great idea when you plant it. But this aggressive plant doesn’t know when to stop. Read here for information on removing pachysandra ground cover.