Information About Eugenia

Planting A Eugenia Hedge: Tips On Eugenia Hedge Care

Eugenia can be a quick and easy hedge solution. This broadleaf evergreen shrub, sometimes called brush cherry, is native to Asia but grows well in U.S. hardiness zones 10-11. Learn about growing eugenia shrubs for a privacy hedge in this article.

Eugenia Hedge Pruning: How To Prune A Eugenia Hedge

Eugenia is very popular as a hedge in warm climates. In order to get an effective hedge, however, you have to do a certain amount of work. Learn more about Eugenia hedge maintenance and how to prune a Eugenia hedge here.

Eugenia Care: How To Plant Eugenia In Containers And Gardens

Eugenia is a glossy leaved shrub or tree, which is often used as a hedge or privacy barrier. It makes an excellent potted plant too. Read this article for info on growing Eugenia plants.