What Is A Dwarf Turkestan Euonymus: Growing Dwarf Turkestan Euonymus Plants

turkish euonymus
turkish euonymus
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What is a dwarf Turkestan euonymus? It is a small ornamental shrub carrying the scientific name Euonymus nanus 'Turkestanicus.' Its green foliage turns brilliant red in autumn. If you are thinking of growing dwarf Turkestan euonymus, read on. We’ll give you lots of dwarf Turkish euonymus information as well as tips on dwarf Turkish euonymus care.

Dwarf Turkish Euonymus Info

It’s a long name for a short plant! So exactly what is a dwarf Turkestan euonymus? According to dwarf Turkish euonymus information, it is a deciduous upright shrub. This plant grows in a vase shape. Its long, lance-shaped leaves are green during the growing season but turn a bright crimson in autumn. The shrub can grow to 3 feet (1 m.) in both directions. However, it tolerates pruning or even shearing. In fact, tip pruning is recommended to keep the shrub compact. This shrub is considered both a good hedge plant and an ornamental. It is an upright multi-stemmed plant that tends to sprawl. The leaves are narrow and look delicate. In the growing season, the foliage is an attractive bluish green. At summer’s end, they blaze into red. The shrub’s fall display is stunning, but the foliage isn’t its only attractive feature. It also produces unusual pink capsule flowers in summer.

Growing Dwarf Turkestan Euonymus

If you want to start growing dwarf Turkestan euonymus, you’ll find that the plant does best in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 7. Some sources say it is hardy to zone 2. You’ll find few hard and fast rules for how to grow a dwarf Turkish euonymus. The shrub grows well in a full sun location. However, it also thrives in partial or full shade. Tolerant and adaptable, it should do just fine in your garden soil in any appropriate zone. Don’t worry too much about growing conditions as long as they aren’t extreme. It is reputed to be an excellent choice for growing on rocky slopes. You’ll find that dwarf Turkish euonymus care is fairly easy. The shrub isn’t demanding about soil type and will grow in most average soils. It is not sensitive to soil pH either. Care is even easier since the plant tolerates urban pollution without any problems. It grows happily in inner city landscapes.

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