What Is A Pre-Formed Hedge: Learn About Instant Hedge Plants

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Impatient gardeners rejoice! If you want a hedge but don't want to wait for it to mature and fill in, instant hedge plants exist. They provide a gratifying hedge with just a few hours of installation. No more waiting years and pruning patiently to get the right look.

These pre-formed hedge plants come already trimmed and ready to install.

What is a Pre-formed Hedge?

If you are the type of person that wants what they want right now, planting an instant hedge would be right up your alley. What is a pre-formed hedge? These come from companies that grow the plants to maturity and prune them so they fit closely together. Once installation is complete, your privacy is immediate and low maintenance.

If visions of a living fence dance like sugar plum fairies in your head, it can now be done in no time. It doesn’t even take an expert gardener to learn how to create an instant hedge because the work is nearly done for you.

Europe (and few other countries) have had companies that provide pre-grown hedges delivered right to one’s door. North America is just recently catching up and has at least one company now that provides this easy-to-install, immediate natural screening.

How to Create an Instant Hedge

All you need to do is select your plants and order them. Create a garden space with good soil and drainage, and then wait for your order to arrive.

The plants are grown on acres of land with each being at least five years old and meticulously pruned. They are harvested using a U-shaped spade that removes up to 90% of the roots. Then, they are planted in groups of four in compostable containers.

Once you receive them, you simply need to plant and water them. The boxes will degrade over time. Fertilize once per year and maintain the hedge by pruning at least annually.

Types of Instant Hedge Plants

There are both evergreen and deciduous varieties of plants available for a quick hedge. Some even flower and produce colorful fruits to attract birds. At least 25 species can be acquired in the U.S. and even more in the U.K.

You can also select deer-resistant plants or those for shade. There are large plants perfect for privacy screens and shorter bordering varieties that can set off certain areas of the garden. Some choices include:

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