Information About Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince Companion Plants: Learn About Quince Companions For Gardens

There are many flowering quince companions that will accent its spring beauty and screen the winter spikiness of its bare branches. This article will get you started with some suggestions on what to plant with flowering quince shrubs.

Flowering Quince Propagation: How To Propagate A Flowering Quince Bush

A row of flowering quince shrubs can get quite pricey. That said, propagating quince from cuttings or other means can allow you to grow more of the plant for less. Learn how to propagate a flowering quince bush from cuttings, layering or seed here.

Flowering Quince Pruning: Tips On Pruning A Flowering Quince

Although flowering quince generally requires little maintenance, pruning this shrub is essential to helping it develop ample flowering and fruiting. For more information about flowering quince pruning, this article will help.

Flowering Quince Care: How To Care For A Japanese Flowering Quince

Most American gardeners who are growing Japanese flowering quince do so for the spring blossoms. Flowering quince plants light up the spring for a few weeks with a blaze of colorful blooms. Learn how to grow them in this article.