Information About Indian Hawthorn

Planting Indian Hawthorn: How To Care For Indian Hawthorn Shrubs

Indian hawthorn makes an interesting addition to the home landscape. The shrub looks great year round and is stunning in spring when the large, fragrant flowers bloom. Read this article to find out how to grow an Indian hawthorn.

Moving Indian Hawthorn Shrubs – How To Transplant An Indian Hawthorn

If you are thinking about transplanting Indian hawthorn plants, you’ll want to read up about proper technique and timing. For information on how and when to transplant Indian hawthorn and other tips on transplanting Indian hawthorn, click here.

Indian Hawthorn Pruning: How And When To Cut Indian Hawthorn Plants

One of the features that make Indian hawthorn plants so easy to grow is that they rarely need pruning. Read this article to find out how to prune an Indian hawthorn.