Information About Lilac Bushes

Lilacs are old-fashioned favorites that make wonderful additions to nearly any landscape. Growing lilacs are very fragrant and having them in your yard will reward you with intoxicating aromas throughout spring and summer. In order to get the most from your plants, however, it helps to know how to care for lilac shrubs. Use the following information on lilac care to grow these beauties successfully.

Lilac Care – Growing And Planting Lilac Bush Plants

A longtime favorite, the lilac bush is typically grown for its intense fragrance and beautiful blooms. In this article, you will find tips for growing lilac bushes in the landscape and how to care for them.

Powdery Mildew On Lilac Bushes: Tips For Treating Powdery Mildew On Lilacs

Lilac blooms are one of the best parts of the growing season, but these bushes can also bring dramatic heartbreak when they get sick. Powdery mildew on lilac bushes is one of the most common problems of these beloved plants. Learn how to eliminate it here.

Do Lilacs Transplant Well: Learn How And When To Transplant Lilacs

When you think about relocating a lilac bush, you’ll find it much easier to transplant root shoots than to actually move the mature plant. How to transplant a lilac? When to transplant lilacs? Do lilacs transplant well? Click here to find the answers.

Container Grown Lilacs: Learn How To Grow Lilac In A Pot

Not every gardener has the space or the long-term living situation for big, old, flowering bushes like lilac. If this is your situation, maybe you should try growing lilacs in containers. Learn more about how to grow a lilac in a pot in this article.

Lilac Phytoplasma Information: Learn About Witches’ Broom In Lilacs

Lilac witches’ broom is an unusual growth pattern that causes new shoots to grow in tufts or clusters so that they resemble an old-fashioned broom. The brooms are caused by a disease that often kills the shrub. Click here for details about witches’ broom in lilac.

Lilac Companion Plants – What To Plant With Lilac Bushes

However lovely the flowers are, the lilac shrub’s short blooming season can be disappointing. Careful selection of lilac bush companions in the garden can help fill the gap. For tips on what to plant with lilac bushes, click this article.

Getting Rid Of Lilac Bushes: How To Get Rid Of Lilac Bushes In The Garden

Lilac bushes offer fragrant, lacy blossoms in the springtime. However, they can be very invasive plants. And once you have a lilac in your yard, you will not get rid of it easily. How to get rid of lilac bushes? Find out in this article.

Lilac Seed Propagation: Harvesting And Growing Lilac Seeds

Lilac bushes are low-maintenance shrubs prized for their fragrant purple, pink or white blossoms. The article that follows provides information about how to harvest lilac seeds and lilac seed propagation. Click here to learn more.

Is Lilac A Tree Or A Shrub: Learn About Types Of Lilac Trees And Shrubs

Is a lilac a tree or a shrub? It all depends on the variety. Shrub lilacs and bush lilacs are short and compact. Tree lilacs are trickier. Learn more about these differences in the article that follows. Click here for more info.

Growing Dwarf Lilacs – Learn About Common Dwarf Lilac Varieties

The soft lavender tones and intoxicating scent of lilac add up to a pretty garden accent. That being said, lilacs have an unfortunate tendency to get large and unruly, but new types of dwarf lilac have compact forms. Click here to learn more about them.

Treating Common Lilac Problems: What To Do For Pests And Diseases Of Lilac

Lilacs are generally easy-care shrubs in the landscape, but even the easiest plant has a few common pests and diseases. Keep an eye out for these common diseases and your plants will live long and healthy lives. Click this article to learn more.

Winterizing Lilac Shrubs: Tips For Lilac Care In Winter

Winter freezes can damage some tender varieties but with a little know how, the plants handle a hard winter beautifully and need little special lilac care in winter. Learn more in this article.

Propagating Lilac Bushes: Growing Lilac From Cuttings

Lilacs are old-fashioned favorites in climates with chilly winters, valued for their sweet-smelling clusters of flamboyant springtime blooms. Propagating lilac bushes from cuttings is tricky, but definitely not impossible. Click here for more info.

Lilac Plant Fertilizer: Learn How And When To Feed A Lilac Bush

Lilacs grow well in sunny locations with slightly alkaline to neutral soil and require little more than occasional pruning and lilac plant fertilizer. Learn how to fertilize lilac shrubs to promote the best and most prolific scented blooms in this article.

Common Lilac Varieties: What Are Different Types Of Lilac Bushes

When you think about lilacs, the first thing that comes to mind is their sweet fragrance. As beautiful as its flowers are, the fragrance is the most cherished attribute. Read this article to find out about the characteristics of the different types of lilac bushes.

Peeling Bark On Lilacs: Reasons For Lilac Bark Coming Off Tree

Lilacs make beautiful additions to home landscapes. But what do you do when a lilac is shedding its bark, and what causes this to occur? Find out more in this article. Click here for additional info.

Lilac Root System: Can Foundations Suffer Damage From Lilac Roots

There is nothing like the fragrance of lilac blossoms wafting through an open window, but is it safe to plant lilacs close to your foundation? Read this article to learn about potential risks from lilac roots.

Japanese Lilac Information: What Is A Japanese Lilac Tree

Japanese tree lilac is available as a multi-stemmed shrub or a tree with a single trunk. Both forms have a lovely shape that looks great in shrub borders or as specimens. Find tips for growing them in this article.

No Lilac Scent: Why A Lilac Tree Doesn’t Have Fragrance

If your lilac tree doesn’t have fragrance, you’re not alone. Many people are troubled by the fact that some lilac flowers have no smell. Read this article to get reasons for lilac flowers that have no smell.

Reasons Why A Lilac Bush Is Not Blooming And How To Fix Them

Lilacs are very fragrant and having one or two in your yard can make your house smell fresh throughout the season. This is why when they don't bloom, we wonder "why won't my lilac bush bloom?" Click here for more.

Pruning Lilac Bushes: When To Trim Lilac Bushes

Lilacs are wonderful additions to nearly any landscape; however, periodic pruning is vital in order to keep lilacs healthy and looking their best. Read this article to find out when and how to prune a lilac bush.