Information About Rose Of Sharon

If you are a fan of hibiscus plants, then the rose of Sharon shrub is sure to tickle your fancy. This hibiscus relative is easy to grow but it helps to have information at your fingertips just in case unexpected rose of Sharon problems in the garden pop up. Find tips on caring for rose of Sharon in the articles that follow, including when and how to prune the shrub, and more.

Rose Of Sharon Care: How To Grow A Rose Of Sharon

Growing rose of Sharon is an easy and effective way to add long lasting summer color with little fuss. Care for rose of Sharon is minimal and can be made easier using the information in this article.

Rose Of Sharon Winter Care: Preparing Rose Of Sharon For Winter

Rose of sharon is usually planted in the ground but it can also be grown in containers as a lovely patio plant. Whether in containers or the ground, winter care for rose of sharon may be required. Learn more about overwintering rose of sharon here.

Rose Of Sharon Seed Propagation: Harvesting And Growing Rose Of Sharon Seeds

Although rose of sharon commonly reseeds itself, if you’re interested in growing your own plants, it is possible to harvest rose of sharon seeds for growing. Learn how to harvest rose of sharon seeds for propagation in this article.

Is Rose Of Sharon Invasive – How To Control Rose Of Sharon Plants

When you want to learn how to control rose of Sharon, remember that prevention is always easier than cure. Click here for tips on limiting rose of Sharon growth rate and what to do if your rose of Sharon is out of control.

Moving Rose Of Sharons – How To Transplant Rose Of Sharon Shrubs

With a stiff, upright habit and open branches, rose of Sharon works in both informal and formal garden arrangements. Transplanting a rose of Sharon shrub is not difficult. Click this article for tips on how and when to transplant this shrub.

Rose Of Sharon Companion Plants: What To Plant Near To Rose Of Sharon

Because rose of Sharon is rather uninteresting for much of the season, selecting plants that grow well with it can help. This article provides a few great rose of Sharon companion planting ideas. Click here for more information.

Yellowing Rose Of Sharon Leaves – Why Rose Of Sharon Has Yellow Leaves

If you notice your rose of Sharon has yellow leaves, you’re understandably perplexed about what has befallen this trusty late summer bloomer. Click this article to learn a few of the most common reasons for rose of Sharon leaves turning yellow.

Rose Of Sharon Plant Cuttings – Tips On Taking Cuttings From Rose Of Sharon

If you don’t want to go through the ordeal of collecting seed, you’ll be happy to know that rooting rose of sharon cuttings is extremely easy. Learn more about how to grow a rose of sharon bush from cuttings in this article.

Is There A Blue Hibiscus: How To Grow Blue Hibiscus In Gardens

You might be wondering if there a blue hibiscus plant that you should have heard about. Actually, blue hibiscus flowers are not really blue and not really hibiscus plants. Learn more here.

Pruning Rose Of Sharon Shrub: Tips On How To Trim A Rose Of Sharon

The rose of Sharon shrub flowers on growth from the current year, allowing optimum opportunities for when to prune rose of Sharon. Pruning rose of Sharon shrub may be necessary at times and this article can help.