Information About Winter Daphne

Growing Winter Daphne Plants: Care For Winter Daphne

Daphne plants are short-lived evergreen shrubs. Gardeners often complain that growing winter daphne is difficult. Follow the suggestions in this article for successful growth and blooms on your daphne bushes.

Daphne Plant Types: Growing Daphne Plants In The Garden

You can find daphne plant types to suit most any need, from shrub borders and foundation plantings to stand-alone specimens. Find out about the different daphne plant types and how to care for them in this article.

No Flowers On Daphne Plants – Reasons For Daphne Not Blooming

Daphne plants are not always easy to grow, and even those with vigorous foliage don’t necessarily flower. If you find your Daphne not blooming, you’ll want to read some tips on how to get blooms on Daphne plants. Click here to learn more.

Pruning Winter Daphne: How And When To Cut Back Daphne

Daphne shrubs generally do not need to be pruned unless they are growing into another plant. If this does become necessary, it is important to know how to prune daphne. This article will help with that.