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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Plant Not Flowering – Getting Brunfelsia To Bloom

By Jackie Carroll

Yesterday, today and tomorrow plants have flowers that change color day by day. They begin as purple, fading to pale lavender and then to white over the next couple of days. Find out what to do when this enchanting tropical shrub fails to bloom in this article.

Brunsfelsia Propagation – Learn How To Propagate Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

By Teo Spengler

Brunfelsia propagation can be done through tip cuttings taken from the current season's growth or from seeds. For information on how to propagate yesterday, today, and tomorrow plants, click this article.

Brunfelsia Shrubs: How To Grow A Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Plant

By Jackie Carroll

The aptly named yesterday, today and tomorrow shrub produces a fascinating display of flowers from spring until the end of summer. Learn more about the plant and find growing tips and care in this article.

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