Treatment For Mayhaw Pests – Solutions To Mayhaw Insect Problems

Mayhaw Fruit With Damage From An Insect
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Mayhaws are common trees native to the southern United States. They are a member of the Hawthorn family and have been prized for their delicious, crabapple-like fruit and stunning profusions of white spring blossoms. Animals find mayhaws irresistible as well, but how about bugs that eat mayhaw? Deer and rabbits are mayhaw pests that can destroy a tree in no time, but does the mayhaw get insect problems? Read on to learn about pests of mayhaw.

Do Mayhaw Have Insect Problems?

While several mammals and birds enjoy the fruit of the mayhaw as much as people do, if not more, there are really no serious mayhaw insect problems. That said, there is limited information on mayhaw pests and management, probably because the tree is rarely commercially cultivated.

Pests of Mayhaw

While there are no serious pest threats to mayhaw trees, that is not to say that there are no pests. Indeed, the plum curculio is the most aggressive and can cause significant damage to the fruit. Plum curculio can be controlled with the use of a spray program as part of an integrated pest management program. Other common pests, besides the deer and rabbits, that can affect maymaw trees, include the following:

These mayhaw pests may feed on the foliage, flower, fruit, and wood of the tree or a combination thereof. Of more concern when growing mayhaw are diseases such as brown rot that can decimate a crop if left unchecked.

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