Transplanted Tree Watering Requirements: Watering A Newly Planted Tree

Transplanted Tree Watering Requirements: Watering A Newly Planted Tree

By: Kathee Mierzejewski
Image by Alex Harden

If you have just completed your landscaping, you might wonder how to water newly planted trees. Transplanted tree watering requirements vary depending on the type of tree you planted and the area you live in. However, regardless of these differences, watering a newly planted tree is very important.

How do You Know How Much to Water a New Tree?

Watering a newly planted tree depends on things like the amount of rainfall you get in your area, wind conditions, temperatures and what season it is, how well the soil holds water and drainage. Further, how developed the roots are to the tree (how long ago you actually planted it) will also let you know how much and often to water the tree.

In general, water a tree once a day for the first two weeks and after that, once a week for a year as long as the tree is not dormant (without leaves).

When trees are

newly planted, their watering requirements are high. Transplanted tree watering requirements might include heavy moisture during the first full growing season so that the root ball can get established. Remember that the root growth is slow in too wet or too dry soil, so you don’t want to over water, but if you underwater you are also doing the tree an injustice.

Therefore, during the first year you have the tree in your yard, you should make sure you water it often enough to keep the soil moist yet not soaked. Pay close attention during the dry season so that you can ensure that the tree receives enough water. Transplanted tree watering requirements are high so long as the root ball is still a ball. Once the roots start to extend beyond the root ball, you know they are establishing themselves and the tree will no longer require much of your care as the environment can take care of the tree instead.

What Time of Day Should I Water New Trees?

When thinking about how to water newly planted trees, you should keep in mind that the newly planted trees are not established until their roots start travelling beyond the root ball. Therefore, you should not only think about how to water newly planted trees, but when to water them. Try watering them later in the evening, after the heat of the day has subsided. This way, the water will not evaporate immediately and the roots get a good chance at absorbing some of that moisture.

If you know how to water newly planted trees, your trees should thrive. Watering a newly planted tree is not difficult, and until the tree roots are established, try using a sprinkling system on a timer to give them the water they need.

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