What To Do For Storm Damage Tree's Repair

Tall Tree With A Large Broken Branch
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Assessing storm damage of trees can be a daunting task. However, what many people do not know is that most trees have their own unique healing abilities, which can take the worry (or necessity) out of any storm damage tree's repair. Read on for more info on storm damage tree repair.

Tree Bark Damage

While most people begin to panic once there is noticeable tree bark damage, this doesn't have to be the case. There is still hope for your tree and its overall survival depending on the amount of damage. Most minor damage can be easily fixed by removing injured tree bark. In some cases, as with large split branches or trunks that have not broken off, the tree can be braced. In many instance, there's no need to do anything. Trees have a natural defense against wounds and injury. While wounds will always remain on the tree, they will seal up on their own to prevent further decay, forming what is called a callus.

What Do I Put on a Cut Tree Limb?

As trees, for the most part, are able to heal themselves, tree wound sealant and other tree wound dressings are oftentimes not necessary. Tree wound dressings, which are normally petroleum based, do not stop or prevent decay. Likewise, tree wound sealants and paints are no longer recommended. In fact, tree wound sealants and tree wound dressings may actually interfere with the tree's natural healing ability, making it difficult to form the life-saving calluses that help prevent decay or disease.

Storm Damage Tree's Repair

There are typically three kinds of tree damage: branch wounds, trunk wounds and root wounds. Most branch wounds can be easily fixed with pruning. For instance, small trees or those with little damage can usually be taken care of with minor pruning of dead, dying or damaged limbs. Larger trees, however, may require the advice of trained professionals, especially those with high-reaching limbs. Trees with severe tree bark damage, or trunk damage, may need to be removed. The same goes for trees having significant root damage. Injured roots can weaken the foundation of trees, requiring prompt removal. Keep in mind that the use of appropriately sided pruning tools is important. That's why the bigger jobs call for bigger equipment and knowledgeable tree cutters. Remember, for minor storm damage tree's repair, light pruning may be all that's needed to remove branch or tree bark damage. Call in a professional for those more difficult jobs or for advice as to the extent of tree damage if you're not certain.

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