Nikki Tilley

Nikki Tilley

Senior Editor

Nikki Tilley is named after a shoe… but that’s another story. She’s often called the crazy plant lady because she enjoys talking to all her plants and garden critters (bugs too). After working and raising a blended family of five kids, she’s now happily semi-retired and blessed with nearly ten grandchildren that call her Nana Kiki. With more time for gardening and writing, she’s excited to see where the next chapter takes her.

As a bona fide plant hoarder and garden addict, Nikki has over a hundred houseplants and there’s no telling how many more are out in the garden – currently residing within eleven different beds. Her backyard garden is a certified wildlife habitat, so there’s plenty of critters hanging around too.

While much of Nikki’s life revolves around gardening and writing, she has plenty of other interests. One of these is history, and she once dreamed of being an archeologist. She loves being creative through drawing, crafting or upcycling.

Her motto is “dare to be different” and, as such, anything weird or unusual fascinates her. This can often be seen in many of her artistic creations, including the garden.

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