Whorled Pennywort Information – Should You Grow Whorled Pennyworts

whorled pennywort
whorled pennywort
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You may have whorled pennywort (Hydrocotyle verticillata) growing in your pond or along a stream on your property. If not, this is a great time to get it planted.

What is Whorled Pennywort?

Whorled pennywort plants have thread-like stems and disk-shaped leaves. They are similar in size to a half dollar. They are aquatic plants, perfect for adding in the wet areas near bodies of water. These plants sometimes provide food for birds and pond dwellers such as fish, amphibians, and ducks.

Plants may grow into a bush. Stems can reach about 10 inches (25 cm.) in height, but most are shorter. Some grow whorled pennyworts in aquariums and outdoor water features, although it takes regular attention to keep it from choking out other specimens or blocking pump and flow functions.

Whorled Pennywort Information

Information explains Hydrocotyle verticillata has some therapeutic uses. For example, the juice from these plants is used in a range of therapies in various areas. Some use it to treat fever. In India, the juice is mixed with honey and utilized as a cough syrup.

Pounded leaves are used in poultices for wounds and boils. They are used as ingredients for many concoctions, such as with Chinese herbal medicine. Of course, you should always contact a medical professional before ingesting this type of plant.

Whorled Pennywort Care and Propagation

These plants are not fully submersible, leaves should remain out of the water. You may easily propagate by stem cuttings or division of the dense clumps. Taking cuttings, as with many plants, encourages a fuller, more bushy plant.

Existing plants often creep toward the pond or stream. They may even appear without your planting. Expect a few colorful spikelets when growing this plant. Keep an eye on it to make sure it does not grow into unwanted areas. If necessary, it may be better to grow the plant in a container instead to keep it in bounds.

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