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Missouri Planting Map Information for Gardeners

Gardeners in Missouri benefit from information provided by the USDA plant hardiness map. New information, collected over the past 30 years, has been compiled to create the latest 2012 map. Some areas of the country have seen their growing zones rise due to warmer winter lows that are possibly due to global warming.

The map of Missouri above is divided into planting zones according to the average extreme winter low temperatures over the last 30 years. Missouri is divided into four planting zones: 5b in the north, 6a and 6b in the central regions and 7a towards the south. A small area in the southeast corner of the state enjoys the warmer growing zone of 7a. Use the map above to find your location and determine your growing zone.

Other factors influence the hardiness of certain flowers, trees and shrubs such as humidity, winter sunshine, rainfall amounts, microclimates and soil type. Using the USDA plant hardiness zone information is an excellent starting place for novice gardeners and is a reliable reference for those who have been gardening all of their life. It is prudent of all gardeners to consider the data collected and the Missouri plant map before purchasing flowers, trees or shrubs.

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