North Dakota Planting Zones – USDA Map Of North Dakota Growing Zones


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Learning About the North Dakota USDA Plant Hardiness Map

The USDA has been publishing plant hardiness maps since 1960. Used as a foundational tool for gardeners and plant distributors, this map divides the country in zones based on average extreme winter low temperatures. This data is useful when choosing which plants will do best in your region, particularly those that will survive and thrive in your winter climate.

North Dakota is divided into two major zones and four subzones, according to the new 2012 North Dakota planting map. A chilly 3a and 3b are in the northern part of the state while the remainder of the state falls in 4a and 4b. These cool regions mean that gardeners have to be particularly cautious of what shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers they plant. Although it is possible to have a lovely garden in North Dakota, plants must be able to survive the winter. Click on the map above to enlarge it and find your growing zone.

When choosing plants based on the North Dakota plant map, it is always best to choose native species that are well adapted to the climate of the region. Local greenhouses and nurseries carry native species that are suitable for your growing region. In addition to choosing plants that will survive the winter in your area, be sure to follow the planting and care instructions carefully to ensure a healthy garden.

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