Horticulture Therapeutic Benefits – Using Healing Gardens For Therapy

Horticulture Therapeutic Benefits – Using Healing Gardens For Therapy

By: Susan Patterson, Master Gardener
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Using garden therapy is a great way to heal nearly anything that ails you. There’s no better place to relax or become one with nature than in a physical therapy garden. So what is horticultural therapy and how is it used? Let’s learn more about healing gardens for therapy and the horticulture therapeutic benefits they provide.

What is Horticultural Therapy?

Essentially, it is using gardens and plants to help with physical or emotional healing.

The art of using plants as tools for healing is not a new practice. Ancient civilizations and various cultures throughout time have incorporated the use of horticultural therapy as part of a holistic healing regimen.

Horticultural Therapeutic Benefits

The horticulture therapeutic benefits for people with physical, emotional, mental and social challenges are numerous. Professionals cite that people who successfully grow and care for plants tend to be more successful in other aspects of their lives.

In addition to stimulating the senses, garden therapy tends to release stress, alleviate depression, improve creativity, promote pleasant emotions, improve motor skills and reduce negativity.

Patients recovering from illness or minor surgery who have been exposed to healing gardens for therapy tend to recover faster than those that have not been exposed.

Where Are Healing Gardens Used?

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