Easy Garden Chimes For Kids - Tips For Creating Wind Chimes For Gardens

DIY Garden Wind Chimes Made Of Seashells
sea shell wind chime
(Image credit: Tony Alter)

Few things are as relaxing as listening to garden wind chimes on a soft summer evening. The Chinese knew about the restorative qualities of wind chimes thousands of years ago; they even included directions for installing wind chimes in Feng Shui books. Making a set of homemade wind chimes doesn't have to be an elaborate project. You can create a unique and personalized wind chime with your school children as a home decoration or as gifts for friends and family. Learn how to make wind chimes with your kids for a fun summer project.

Easy Garden Chimes for Kids

Creating wind chimes for gardens doesn't have to be a complex project. It can be as simple as you like it to be. You can find most of the materials in your home, at a local craft store, or thrift shop. When it comes to making easy garden chimes for kids, fun is more important than elegant. Use these directions as a beginning idea for your garden wind chimes and then let your imagination flow. Add decorations or change up the materials to suit your kids or their interests.

Flower Pot Wind Chime

Poke four holes around the edge of a plastic flower pot saucer, plus one hole in the center. This will be the holder for the chimes. Cut five strands of colorful twine or string about 18 inches (46 cm.) long. Tie a large bead at the end of each string, then thread the strings through the holes in the bottom of 1 inch (2.5 cm.) terra cotta flower pots. Thread the strings through the holes in the holder and keep them in place by attaching large beads or buttons.

Seashell Wind Chime

Collect seashells with holes in them or go to a craft store for a collection of shells that come pre-drilled. Show your kids how to thread string through the holes in the shells, making a knot after each shell to keep them in place along the strings. Make five or six strings full of shells. Tie two sticks into an X shape, then tie the strings to the X and hang it where the breeze will catch it.

Personalized Wind Chime

Gather a collection of unusual metal objects such as old keys, game pieces, small kitchen objects, or bangle bracelets. Allow your kids to pick out the objects, and the more unusual the better. Tie the collection onto a set of strings and hang them from a stick, or two craft sticks tied into an X. Once you've completed your homemade wind chimes, hang them in the garden where both you and your children can enjoy their soft, musical notes.