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Potted Flower In Balcony Planters
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Creating a thriving balcony garden is truly a labor of love. Whether growing a small vegetable garden or beautiful ornamental flowers, successfully maintaining containers confined to small spaces comes with its own set of unique challenges. Still, the rewards of planting and caring for potted and hanging plants are numerous. If you want to begin your own outdoor garden, learning how to select containers for balcony growing will be key. By exploring both traditional and more specialized options, gardeners can craft a growing space that is functional and beautiful.

Balcony Planter Ideas

Nearly endless balcony planter ideas can be found online in blog articles and social media posts. However, determining which balcony containers are ideal for your specific needs can sometimes feel quite difficult. 

When choosing pots for balcony gardening, gardeners first need to consider the growing conditions in their space. This includes characteristics like amount of sunlight, rainfall, and wind exposure. The size of your balcony will also be an important factor in the selection of containers. 

Pots for balcony gardening range widely in size, shape, and the material from which they are constructed. While many opt for the traditional look of terracotta or ceramic planters, others prefer more lightweight planters, such as those made of plastic. Careful research regarding the potential pros and cons of each planter type is essential. Each material can greatly impact the manner in which the pots retain heat. Attention to this aspect can play an important role in the plant’s overall health throughout the growing season. 

Pots and Water Retention

When selecting balcony containers, gardeners should also consider water retention. Proper drainage is key to maintaining healthy plants and can prevent issues like wilting or root rot. Since many find that potted plants may dry more quickly, an irrigation plan, in which container specimens will receive additional water, is often required. Hanging baskets and shallow containers may be especially problematic.

Size Matters

While those of us with large outdoor spaces may be able to grow in standard sized pots, narrow balcony planters may be a necessity for those gardening in very small areas. Narrow balcony planters and rail planters are quite popular if you’re looking to add height and improved visual interest to the growing space. If you choose to do this, you should make certain the containers are securely fastened to structures. If used incorrectly, potentially dangerous containers may fall from balconies, causing harm to those below. 

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Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has trasformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel