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Balcony Flower Garden
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The creation of a lush, ornamental landscape is often considered a key characteristic of outdoor spaces that are both inviting and beautiful. The careful selection of flowering plants and shrubs can transform the overall look and feel of backyard flower beds and areas used to entertain friends and family. Though eager to begin planting, many gardeners find themselves severely limited by space. This is especially true for those living in apartments and condos. It is for this reason that container gardening, specifically on balconies, continues to grow in popularity. But, what are the best flowers for a balcony?

Planning a Balcony Flower Garden

Before planting any outdoor balcony flower boxes or containers, you should first refer to rules and regulations provided by your building management or homeowners association. These guidelines will provide an easy reference as to what may or may not be allowed. Rules related to gardening often include the number or types of containers allowed, the maximum size/height of plants and any associated structures, and even which species of plants may be grown. 

Balcony Flower Care

When planting flowers on a balcony, you will also need to consider the plant’s needs. Balcony flower care involves selection of the containers and the growth requirements of the plants, as well as routine maintenance. Many growers choose lightweight, easy to move containers. Still, you will need to take care to ensure that each planter is properly weighted. This will help to make certain that planters cannot be knocked over. All trellises, hanging planters and/or rail planters should be especially secure, as these can present a very real danger of harm to those below if they should break or fall.

Watering flowers on a balcony can prove difficult in many cases. It may be exceptionally problematic for those living in hot climates, as containers are prone to dry out more quickly. Many experts suggest the use of timed drip irrigation or capillary mats, as other techniques may result in too much water loss. When growing a balcony flower garden, water should never be allowed to drip or flow from the balcony. This is likely to result in unhappy neighbors and passersby from below.

What Are the Best Plants for a Balcony?

Successfully growing a beautiful collection of plants on an outdoor balcony relies greatly on a selection of flowers which can tolerate the location’s unique growing conditions. Gardeners should consider factors such as the amount of sunlight received each day, as well as the speed and frequency of wind. 

While annual flowers like petunias, geraniums, impatiens, and begonias are extremely popular; many choose to explore more specialty plants. Drought tolerant plants, such as those found in rock gardens and used in xeriscaping, have gained notable interest in recent years. 

Regardless of the types of flowers you grow, planting a balcony flower garden can greatly increase the seasonal enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. 

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has trasformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel