How To Grow A Trendy (But Timeless) Bloomcore Garden

A red chest in a bed full of colorful blooming flowers
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Bloomcore, also known as flowercore, is an aesthetic trend that is just right for gardeners. It embraces the natural world, and most importantly, flowers. Putting nature first, it creates a pretty, flowery look both indoors and outside in the garden.

What is Bloomcore?

Bloomcore is one of many trending aesthetics that has arisen on social media sites like TikTok, and specifically with Gen Z. These aesthetics are numerous and sometimes niche. They often include very specific elements and can refer to overall style, fashion, or home and garden design.

Recently cottagecore was all the rage, and bloomcore is similar. Cottagecore was all about coziness, rural settings, shabby chic design, and traditional cottage gardens.

Bloomcore is all about flowers. It embraces the bright and varied colors of the garden and all kinds of blooms. There is definitely an English garden feel to bloomcore, both for outdoor and interior design. Think quaint English villages with trellised roses, cottage gardens in full bloom, fruit trees, strawberries, wildflowers, and floral wallpaper and fabrics. The trend embraces gardening and quiet, slow afternoons spent outdoors.

While the idea of floral prints can seem hopelessly old-fashioned, there is a lot of room for interpretation in the bloomcore trend. Bright colors, bold prints, and updated styling can make this a perfectly modern look for interior design if you want to bring the aesthetic inside from the garden.

Using the Bloomcore Aesthetic in Your Garden

Bloomcore is probably the best aesthetic match for a garden. An abundance of flowering plants will give you the right look... but be thoughtful about it. The right choice of flower types, bloom times, and bed designs will optimize the bloomcore attitude. Here are some tips and ideas to get started on your bloomcore garden:

Grow a wildflower meadow

Native wildflowers are the epitome of the bloomcore trend, which embraces nature. Naturalize an area of your garden and sow native wildflower seeds to create a pretty meadow.

Think cottage garden for beds

As a gardener, you want to do more than just let nature take its course. Design cottage garden style beds that overflow with herbs and flowers. They should look informal and include rustic flagstone or pebble paths.

Choose flowers to bloom all season

To enjoy maximum blooms, choose your plants carefully. Use a mix of spring, flower, and fall blooming species to make sure your beds are colorful throughout the growing season.

Go vertical with blooms

To maximize the flowers in the garden, use trellises, arbors, and gates to grow them vertically. Roses and vining flowers are great additions to a bloomcore garden.

Create a cozy outdoor sitting area

"Cores" are not just about a look. They are a way of life, and a big part of the bloomcore trend is spending time outside among the flowers. To nail this aspect of the aesthetic in your garden, create a comfortable space for enjoying it. Include cushy seating, somewhere to rest your feet, and plenty of soft pillows and throws.

Bloomcore Flower List

Arguably the most important part of achieving the flowercore aesthetic is the choice of flowers. Truly any flowers will do, but these are some of the best options to get the right look:

  • Roses -- The fragrance, the color, the romance—you can’t go wrong with an abundance of roses in this aesthetic.
  • Peonies -- The large, romantic blooms of peonies fill in spaces in beds to help create a cottage garden look.
  • Daisies -- The originators of bloomcore particularly love small white flowers. Daisies fit the bill perfectly.
  • Strawberries -- Another white flower, strawberries also provide tasty fruits, another emblem of the trend.
  • Hollyhock -- A quintessential cottage garden flower, hollyhocks produce huge, bright blooms that tower over other plants.
  • Wisteria -- Any vining plant is a great addition to a bloomcore garden. Wisteria has some of the most bountiful and romantic flowers. The sturdy vine can be trained to grow over a pergola or arbor for a cozy sitting area.
  • Sweet Pea -- Include delicate but prolific sweet pea blooms for their soft colors and sweet fragrance.

Most importantly, don’t forget native species. Bloomcore embraces flowers but it’s really about nature, and what is more natural than native plants?

Mary Ellen Ellis

Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.