Orange Flowering Plants: How To Design An Orange Garden Scheme

An Orange Flower
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Orange is a warm, vivid color that stimulates and creates a sense of excitement. Bright and bold orange flowers seem closer than they really are, making them easy to see at a distance. Orange can also make a small garden seem larger. There are so many different types of orange plants to choose from that you'll have no trouble creating a spectacular monochromatic garden filled with variety.

Orange Flowering Plants

In learning how to design an orange garden scheme you should incorporate many different shades and hues, from light orange to deep gold, so that your orange garden design doesn't become monotonous. When choosing plants for an orange garden you should give careful consideration to form and shape as well. When you look at a garden with many different colors, your eyes jump rapidly from color to color. When viewing a garden of orange flowering plants, your eyes move slowly, taking in the fine details of each flower.

How to Design an Orange Garden Scheme

Begin your orange garden design with the accent plants. These are the biggest, brightest, and boldest perennials and shrubs that define the structure of the garden. Accent plants look fine on their own, but you'll probably want to surround them with smaller, less robust plants. Choose plants with a variety of bloom seasons so that you always have color in each area. Annuals are a gardener's best friend when it comes to providing a long season of intense color. They are available in six-packs all season long. Annuals are easy to plant and begin flowering soon after you plant them. Use them to provide temporary color where it is lacking. Use foliage to its best advantage by planting several shades of green. Use broad, shiny leaves as well as finely cut, lacy foliage for variety. Variegated foliage is good in moderation but too much looks busy and overpowering. Plants with attractive foliage can provide breaks in color and help define the shape of the garden. In small landscapes you want to provide as much variety as possible, but if you have a large area to work with, consider the effect of a single type of orange flower. A single type of flower can be striking such as the effect of a meadow filled with orange poppies or a broad mass of orange tulips.

Types of Orange Plants for an Orange Garden

Additional plants for an orange garden may include orange varieties from any of the following:

To soften the bright tones from an orange garden design, you can add white flowers or silver foliage plants. These include:

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