Planting An Ice Cream Tree – How To Grow Ice Cream In The Garden

ice cream tree
ice cream tree
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Are you planning a garden this year? Why not consider something sweet, like an ice cream garden full of all your favorite treats – similar to Raggedy Ann’s lollipop plants and cookie flowers. Find tips on getting started in this article and become the envy of your neighborhood!

Creating Ice Cream Gardens

In order to be successful with growing ice cream in the garden, you’ll want to begin with cool weather – after all, if it gets too hot, everything will melt. This will be something to consider when harvesting your yummy treats too. Late fall is a good time for planting an ice cream tree in the garden. The plant will have plenty of time to establish strong roots for the blustery winter months to come. Create a hole large enough to accommodate your tree, or if planting earlier in the season, sow some seeds. Water in well and then “Let it go.” In most areas, winter precipitation – especially snow and ice – will be enough as your ice cream in the garden gets established. Along with your ice cream tree, which tastes sweet and vanilla-like, you may want to add more flavors. There are a number of possibilities here depending on your personal preference and taste. Some of these might include:

To add these to your ice cream garden, you’ll want to plant your favorite flavored plants in ice cream cone pots and then incorporate these into the soil around your tree. This keeps all your ingredients together and allows for easier harvest. And for those of you that want even more variety, you can plant ice cream banana plants to savor the flavor of an irresistible banana split. Don’t forget those toppings. Simply dig a hole next to your banana plant and toss your favorites inside – topped, of course, with nuts and a cherry!

Ideas for Ice Cream Treats

If you want to add extra toppings to your ice cream garden, this can be achieved with attractive edging or containers. Grow a candy plant or two that even Raggedy Ann herself would envy. Simply plant different types of jelly beans around your ice cream tree and flavored ice cream cone pots. Containers filled with banana splits, ice cream sundaes, and dirt cups make fine additions too. Don’t forget to harvest your ice cream treats before they melt – early spring is a good time!

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