Money Tree Growing - Information On How To Grow A Money Tree

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money tree
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Yes, money does grow on trees, IF you grow a money tree. Growing money trees is easy, though somewhat time consuming - but it's worth the wait! Read on to learn more about money trees (Pachira aquatica) in the garden.

How to Grow a Money Tree

First thing you need when growing these trees is, of course, some seed. Again, you should be aware that growing money trees from seed takes time, and lots of it, but in the end you'll be financially rewarded. Money trees are available by denomination - pennies will yield a dollar tree, nickels a five-dollar tree, dimes a ten-dollar tree and quarters a twenty-dollar tree. I prefer dollar trees, as they seem to have a higher yield per season over all, and over time dollars add up. So while you might think planting a higher denomination variety will provide the most bang for your buck, you should know that these trees do not produce as abundantly as varieties with lower amounts. So, once you've chosen your desired tree, you're ready for planting. Choose a location with plenty of sun and moist, but well-draining, soil. Enrich with extra savings, if necessary. Barely cover your coin seeds with soil - just enough to keep peeping pests from pocketing them should be fine. Planting them in rows is a great way to start a hedge fund and further keep out those prying eyes. All that's left now is to sit back and wait, so pull up a chair and kick up your feet - successful money tree growing takes time.

Care of Money Trees

Once you have a little money tree sprout, fertilize with monthly deposits of fundamentals at a bid-to-cover ratio to make it grow well. Water is helpful too. If you're lucky and have fed the tree sufficiently, you'll begin to see a buck or two form within a month or so. Wait until your money is fully mature before making a withdrawal from your tree. Then, you are free to harvest your cash flow as needed to pay your bills, take a vacation, or whatever suits you. Now that you know about the care of money trees, there's no reason why you shouldn't have one. Try your hand at growing a money tree and never be broke again!

Happy April Fool's Day!

Nikki Tilley
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