Penguins In The Garden: How To Attract Penguins To The Garden

Penguins In The Garden
penguins garden
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Penguins are very social creatures. They are also very fun to watch. That being said, you don’t have to go to the North Pole to enjoy their antics. You can do it right from your own backyard penguin garden. Read on to learn more.

Why Should I Attract Penguins?

Why should I attract penguins, you ask? Good question. Attracting penguins to the garden can be a fun way to explore their habits – up close and personal. Penguins call out to each other frequently throughout the day. Watch closely and you’ll see lots of body language such as dipping their heads down and bobbing them back up as their flippers flap at one another.

Since penguins have no teeth, there is no need to worry about being bitten. Still, you must remember that they are wild creatures and, as such, their personal space must be respected.

How to Attract Penguins to the Garden

Here are some tips on how to attract penguins to the garden:

Water Features

Penguins spend the majority of their life in the water – normally in search of food. So with this in mind, attracting penguins may be as simple as adding water features to the garden. Give them an ample water supply (and, of course, food) and they will come. Penguins prefer a diet of fish, squid, and krill (shrimp-like creatures).

Not only do these magnificent creatures waddle around but they may be seen hopping about or sliding throughout the area on their bellies. Providing them with a “Slip-N-Slide” is a surefire way to invite penguins to the area.

They also enjoy swimming, so give them a nice pool with diving board included. Speaking of diving, this is an activity for which penguins are highly adept. They will dive for fish all day long. And if you’re feeling motivated, you could try training your new penguin friends to dive for toys.

Additional Penguin Attractions

In addition to water, penguins are naturally attracted to rockeries. If you create a rock garden or just add some good ole rock features to the landscape where they can hide or climb about, the penguins will come.

Penguins have good hearing. Include the sound of running water in the garden landscape and they will be attracted to it. You could add some wind chimes too. Even penguins like to relax to the soothing sounds.

You’ve probably heard that penguins will mate for life. Attract a nearby penguin by employing some nice-looking penguin “mates” around the garden. No more garden gnomes. Think instead garden penguins – the more colorful the better.

Too cold in your garden this year from the Polar Vortex? Don’t worry. Most penguins are well equipped for this. In fact, this is one of the reasons for staying a bit chubby. Their fat layer insulates them from the cold. Too warm for penguins where you are? Nonsense! Galapagos penguins are right at home in tropical climates. They, too, can be attracted to your garden. There are all kinds of penguins so finding one suited for your climate shouldn’t be too difficult.

Nikki Tilley
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Nikki Tilley has been gardening for nearly three decades. The former Senior Editor and Archivist of Gardening Know How, Nikki has also authored six gardening books.