Top 7 Herbs for Healing a Broken Heart

One of the most amazing occurrences in life is to fall in love, but the loss of such a relationship can be devastating. The real physical and emotional pain can take a toll on day to day life. Sleep and eating may become affected and sometimes we turn to certain bad habits to help us over the hump. Pharmaceutical remedies may help us cope with heartbreak, but they come with side effects, high costs and potential addiction. But what if there was a way to naturally relieve the symptoms of a broken heart?

Mother Nature has her own way to help us feel better, and it may be just outside your back door. Common herbs and plants can help melt away melancholy, fight fear and make spirits soar anew. Here are the top 7 herb plants for healing a broken heart:

1. Skullcap - The name is almost macabre, but this pretty little herb is featured in many heart healing recipes. Skullcap is purported to calm the mind and prevent thinking in circles, where no matter how hard you think you come to the same ineffectual conclusion.

2. Lavender - Any bath aficionado is aware of the hypnotic, calming effect of lavender. Its aromatherapy softens all the edges and both relaxes and calms the soul. All these effects are beneficial as we go through a grieving period.

3. Borage - With its cute fuzzy stems and brilliant blue flowers, borage is a treat in the garden but it can also drive away sadness and help bring in a little light.

4. Valerian Root - You may have seen this in tea form as a sleep aid. Its relaxing properties will help bring sleep back into your life and calm a frantic mind. A cup of valerian tea or drop full of tincture should bring restorative sleep and sweet dreams to help heal your soul.

5. Lemon Balm - Another herb with aromatherapy properties, the name is apt as it also provides a balm to a wounded heart. Solace for the soul can be had in a cupful of lemon balm tea or even a bath soak with this delightfully sensory herb.

6. Holy Basil - There must be something that ties pleasant scents to happier thoughts. This basil herb has heavenly aroma and brings balance to heart, mind and body.

7. Rose - A plant that is often used to represent love, roses are also crucial to healing a broken heart. The hips are high in Vitamin C and boost your health and energy levels. The petals make a soothing bath and the flowers themselves are a reminder that life is full of beauty and worth waking up for a new tomorrow.

Bonnie Grant