Sprinkler systems are a convenient and water saving way to keep your turf grass green and healthy. However, installing such systems is costly, or if you do it yourself, labor intensive. Rain Bird is a company that has been leading the landscape irrigation field for generations. They cut their teeth on sprinkler systems but have come up with a whole new way to water the garden, one that takes minutes to install and conveniently retracts into the ground so maintenance around the system is easy too.


If digging trenches and moving sod and soil around doesn't sound like something you want to spend time on, try the LG3HE In-Ground Sprinkler with Click-n-Go Hose Connect. The unit comes with the Click-N-Go fitting that you place on the hose. Once in place, you just pull back on the housing and the hose securely connects to the unit without twisting or turning. With a quick snap, the sprinkler is ready for operation and reversing the procedure causes the sprinkler to retract back into the ground. The system is so easy to connect a child could do it. The unit is lightweight but durable and covers up to 41 feet (12.5 m). Best of all, all you need is a shovel and about 20 minutes of time to install the unit. Installation just requires a small hole, big enough to fit the unit into, and then you just backfill around. Installation couldn't be easier and requires no special techniques or extra muscle.

Click-n-Go Install

This in-ground sprinkler has up to 5,200 square feet (1,585 sq. m.) of coverage and is adjustable. You can set it for full coverage or part circle coverage. There is a handy guide that will help you estimate how many units you will need for your landscape and how to adjust each so you get perfect coverage for your area. To operate the units, you simply remove the lid and click a hose to the connection. The pressure of the water will push the sprinkler head up above the soil level and begin watering. Once irrigation is complete, just disconnect the hose and the sprinkler head retracts into the lawn for a clean appearance. This allows you to mow and do other maintenance without tripping over sprinkler heads.

Click-n-Go Lifestyle

In addition, the In-Ground Impact Sprinklers are very economical at just $39.99 each. If you consider the back-breaking work of trenching and installing your own sprinkler system, or the cost of hiring a company to do it for you, this is a very reasonable and sensible unit which can be expanded as needed. Plus, you don't need to contract a company to come blow out your sprinkler system when winter is around the corner. You can set the unit in the ground and forget about it until temperatures warm up and it is needed again.

This self-install type of system will provide efficient operation and cost-saving installation and maintenance. Plus, it comes from a company that gardeners have trusted for more than 80 years. Their professional commitment and leadership in the irrigation industry are unmatched. The In-Ground Impact Sprinkler is a simple way for you to conquer your irrigation needs yourself in a quick and durable manner.

Bonnie Grant