silver outdoor garden hose
(Image credit: Catherine McQueen / Getty Images)

Last year, the metal garden hose came out and was a hit with many consumers, including myself. The appeal of this newly designed hose is that it won't puncture or kink. I have even seen commercials which suggest that metal hoses are virtually impossible to tear, rip, kink, or burn. Let's take a closer look at some things you should know about this new type of before buying one, based on my experiences with the 304 stainless steel garden hose after one year of use.

Kink Proof

For years you've heard of "kink-free" garden hoses but have you ever seen one? After tying out countless garden hoses, I never really found a rubber hose that wouldn't kink. Surprisingly, the metal garden hose is very hard to kink! It can get in a knot, but the 304 steel exterior makes it nearly impossible to kink!

Safe for Your Plants

A hot new trend in gardening is using a garden hose that's safe for your plants. More and more people are starting to pay attention to the possibility of toxic chemicals that may be spewing from their garden hoses into the soil. The interior of the garden hose is just as important as the exterior material. Many of the cheaper garden hoses use plastic polymers that can damage your soil and plants. When the sun's UV light is hitting the hose all day, it can break apart these chemicals and you get them into the water. Each of the metal garden hoses uses different materials but the majority of them use rubber or latex. Try to find a hose that uses natural latex if you care about the health of your plants.

UV Resistant

The 304 stainless steel exterior doesn't allow UV to penetrate it. UV can be beneficial for water, as it can kill microorganisms. However, when high amounts of UV are hitting a rubber garden hose all day, it will cause the rubber to break down. Just about all materials are susceptible to UV radiation over time, with metals such as 304 stainless steel being an exception.

Weather Resistant

One thing I found surprising was that the metal doesn't get very hot when left out in the direct sunlight all day. You would think that it would burn your hand but it always seems to stay around the same temperature. This is true as well on colder days. In fact, my metal garden hose is a lot cooler to the touch than any of the other hoses I have, which I found to be pretty amazing.


Most companies don't like to make things "indestructible" because they want you to buy their products again and again. This is referred to as planned obsolescence. The metal garden hose may not be indestructible but it can definitely take more wear and tear than most of the garden hoses on the market. Since this new style of garden hose came out last year, it's difficult to say if they will last 20+ years, however, it does seem more resilient to damage.

After buying many different garden hoses over the years, I have to say that I really like this new metal garden hose. Like most people, I was skeptical at first that it wouldn't kink, but it's one of the only hoses that really doesn't kink. It's a refreshing change from the traditional rubber garden hoses and I find it to be one of the best new styles of garden hoses to hit the market in years.